Metroid Prime (Sprite) Comic

That’s the main problem. Should it be sprited or drawn?
Any suggestions?

Both. :smiley:

Sprited… unless you’re a really good artist.

Samus Aran
That’s my best. Its kind of scratchy cause I scanned it. It looks better in person. Everything is.

some proportions are screwed up (her tall head & tiny torso), also it’s on lined paper =/

Not bad. Carry on drawing for two-three years and you’d be able to do it. If you’re 13, in two year’s time you’d draw better than I’d do. Seriously. Practise on proportions and muscles and different styles, and you’re going to do a damn good drawn comic. Do it with Photoshop or Corel though.
For now, do it with sprites. But good luck.

No offense to your drawing, cause it’s infinitely better than what I can do, but sprite the comic. Definitely. I would suggest going to Planet Zebeth to see how a sprite comic could be done.