Metroid RPG

Wow, this is actually taking shape. Nice job Phlake.

a metroid rpg was brough up before on these forums but i think it’d be a cool idea to try :slight_smile:

Where’d my Metroids go? Will re-upload.

The 'Troids.

Usually with my custom sprites the changes between frames are too subtle.
Not a problem with these.

(Small ones are by Project_MK)

And thanks, Ashes.

Yeah, that’s pretty sweet stuff, Phlake!


i dont remember posting this

The following are all GIF’s, but will only run through once.
Game Maker’s fault.


Next up is the Tileset.

Would reeeeeeeeeeeally appreciate help with that. Edits are fine.

they’re not animating at all for me.

Come on, seriously, Kinesis Animator was specifically made for this kind of thing.

phlake you’re very good at spriting. make the bubble of the metroid move a bit though, i think

The way he has them aligned in the boxes, it moves, but it’s more like ugly jiggling. Maybe it should expand and contract a little…but the official Metroid sprites don’t do that.

maybe just some up and down floating?

but the official metroid sprites are gay

That’s the one thing with Metroids I’ve never been able to do.

And Kinesis never works right for me…

Still trying to find a tileset to edit.

You’re supposed to tell me this crap so I can make it work right!

I’ll download and try it again.


And it works.


Here are the files I made for your animation.

so is there a party?
cuz if there is i say Rundas should be part of it
maybe all 3 of the hunters
cuz Ghor and Rundas pwn
the one with the name i can neither spell nor pronounce, eh

What? I’m in the party? :smiley:
jk, but Rundas is amazingly awesomely amazingly cool though
<-- tis mah name

Or it could be like legend of zelda.
A top down shooter with a menu to interchange weapons and no battle system.

but these ARENT the metroid sprites. Are they!?!?!?!?!

Edit 1: that was a reply to a few pages ago…-__- Anyway, the last hunters name is Gandrayda. Or something like that. Anyway, why not the Hunters from Hunters? They were cool. I liked Spire… Yummy!