Metroid SR388

Has any one heard of this I found it on youtube along with this link

Yes. Now I guess we’ll both need to find the thread on this forum ^^". is the official site.

interesting. is it being done by nintendo?

Not in any way.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and call that epic fail. Jking :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, no. It’s not. At all.

I played the demo, well, a little bit of it, at least. Not bad, considering. Fought Ridley, that was fun, except his constant screeching got in the way of Sugar by SOAD. Love that song, btw.

you have every right to say that. i should’ve at least went around on the website a bit to find out about it.

There… isn’t a demo yet <_<

Do You Know Wean There Will Be One ??

a severe lacking of a demo indeed

Current Deadline is Nov 1st, but Von’s a good guy in a bad situation.

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we’ll see what happens, i guess