Metroid Stratagy Game.

no i like mother brain. and we already have Omeaga pirate for a strickly space pirate leader

Here’s an idea. The game should be the events leading up to Zero Mission. That way, at the very end during the siege of Zebes, the GF will win if Mother Brain is destroyed and the Pirates will win if Samus is killed BEFORE MB is destroyed. Sounds simple enough. As for the space station battles, that’s been done forever, so something has to be different. How about it is made up of one giant ring of defense? You can’t cover an entire planet with one station after all. Plus, it would add to mission objectives.

Example: Mission XX: The Siege of Zebes

GF Objectives: Penetrate orbital defenses and get Samus’ ship safely through the breach. You take control of Samus, destroy MB, and escape the facility before the base self destructs. Reaching her ship ends the level.

Pirate Objectives: Fend off the approaching GF fleet and erradicate them before they penetrate Zebsian defenses. Samus manages to slip through, so you must corner her on Zebes with a sufficient number of units to kill her before she destroys MB.

Mother Brain and Samus should strictly be end-game units. It would be like the Emperor and Mon Mothma in Star Wars: Empire at War. You kill them, and you win, regardless of remaining enemy units. On a side note, There should only be one hero per race. If you’re dealing with just the Pirates and the GF, they should most likely be Ridley and a made up General/Admiral of the GF. Of course, the Pirates could have two minor heroes to accomodate both Kraid and Ridely. In conclusion:

Gen./Adm. - Mobile unit. Though weak by himself, he inspires those around him during combat, giving his army a decisive advantage. In space commands a refitted battlecruiser and rides in a command vehicle on the ground.
Samus - Mobile Unit - Extremely powerful unit best used against smaller groups of enemies. Can be in space in her ship and on the ground in her suit. End-game unit not to be considered expendable.

Ridely - Mobile unit. Powerful unit best used against infantry. Can quickly fly across battlefields and can participate in space battles.
Kraid - Mobile unit. Powerful unit best used against vehicles. Can literally stomp enemies flat. Requires a ship for space travel, making him vulnerable in orbit.
Mother Brain - Structure. Extremely powerful base structure protected by turrets and shielding. Is stationary on planet Zebes. End-game structure not to be left unguarded.

Why only one hero per race? :confused: In starcraft and many other strategy games, there are multiple heroes.

You should add a campeign editer.

What are you talking about we already desided on more then one pay atention.

I like your ideas about heros GL we should probabley have 4 heros for each civ. (The new ones you said and the ones I said on my last post) What do you think JM123

Samus is a strong, med spead, mid range combat expert she exels in endourence and large enemies but can be overwelmed by large groups of enemies and by metroids who atack at extremly close range Gives her troops increased defence all tanks recive stat bonuses across the board
Noxus is a fast spead close in combat warrior. He/She is not good at fighting machenical objects. but is supirior to almost all biological lifeforms. is realy good at fighting in the air and space. Gives troops increased speed and inproves all space units increased power
The GF general is strongest long range fighter. Has many many many mistles and morter atatchments. However is slow and can not last for veary long if ingaged in close up combat. Increased range and power imencly for allranged units.
The Luminoth Captin is a weak fighter fut the best healer in the game. Can repair buildings and units alike. Is best at med range. Increased repair and halfed building times for units. however once built units are slow and slightly weaker then normal.
I will do the Space pirate heros after you guys agree on these

I think it should be a new galaxy that they fight on. The story line could be like:

  1. space pirates find a galaxy full of phazon and a strange new material that is belived to posses great power.
  2. the GF inturupt pirate transmitions talking about taking over this galaxy.
  3. When they enbark there entire fleat is sabatouged and wont move.
  4. It takes a month to get to repair and by the time the GF troops get there the space pirates have already taken over half of the galaxy.
    If you are the space pirates:
    You fight to take over the rest of the galaxy. working your way past the defenses and eventualy killing samus aran.
    If your are the GF:
    You fight to repel the spase pirates back across the galaxy. eventualy distroying mother brain.

This story is an alternate reality it does not have anything to do with the other games.

P.S. how do you chang the title of a topic. If I can’t can dazzy change it to “Metroid Stratagy Game”. Then under that for the info put “Metroid: Galatic Clash”

How about MULTIPLE campaigns, incorporating ideas so far? We could have a Zebes campaign, with the events leading up to Zero Mission ending with Samus’ attack on Mother Brain, another with the Mars series of events, another about the Metroid Primes, another about Super Metroid… etc.

We’ll start out with one campaign in our first release - probably the Zebes one - and add new ones along with new civilizations in updates. How does this sound?

Excellent brainstorming, people! Keep it up! Ideas are what’s going to get this game off the ground. Keep them flowing.

Can we use my Idea instead. If you want this could could be incorperated in to the mars series. We would use the Milky Way Galaxy for our game. I think that would be realy cool.

What do you think of the hero ideas

Hero ideas are good, but I think two or three is a better number for the heroes. Four is just a little bit too much - we want to focus on the ARMY itself, and large scale combat, not titanic four-on-four combat between a multitude of heroes.

As for your campaign, why not have that as our “first” campaign? We could include that with the first version, and in the next we could include the Zebes campaign or Mars campaign, and in the next a new one, etc. We’ll add them on systematically, and start with yours. How does that sound?

Okay we’ll do that. And we will get rid of the luminoth and karid.

What do you think of doing remrixes of music throughout the series for the music in the game. I want it to be enjoyable to listen to

By the way I am starting a fourum JM123. It’s sponsered by invasion free and its called Metroid G C. To find it go to the link on the bottem of the screen. Go to the forum search on the site. Go under Gaming. It will be in this just click on the link to my fourm. (It helps to search by date, mine was like the last one made.) Or just do the simple thing and go to lol

I bairly started it so don’t expect much. JM123 I will set up an acount for you make you an admin and I will PM you the password. I asumue you want the same name but if you don’t you can change it yourself.

Remember guys we still need a programer. If your interested just post an example or PM me with a example. (or just give a link)


Well, I logged in and set up everything. Wow, it’s cool being an admin. Didn’t take me nearly as long as I thought it would to get everything set up. Zip zip zoom. Not online yet, though.

I’m going to try and get a website set up for us. Should be no problem, I can just split my existing site into two.


METROID: GALACTIC CLASH NOW HAS A FORUM. We’re online and up, people!!

Need any fancy 3D artwork for a banner or something? Concept art? You name it and I’ll produce it. I’m a freelancer 8)

I would like you to do banner for us make it dark probalby black in the far backround. with a large distroyer type space ship a picture of samus’s ship and write Metroid: Galactic clash in the metroid prime font with a glow cantered in the banner. If you do real good maby we’ll let you be an admin or something

Actually, I’d prefer if he kept the UltraViolent BB font I was using in the current banner, since it looks… computer-y. I wanted to make the forum look like it was on a GF computer terminal, and I’ve played around with the CSS to that effect.

So anyway, keep the text, and I think instead of the ships, I would like a Space Pirate and a Federation trooper at each end of the banner, underneath the text.

Wow, that forum has a baaaaaaad skin. Oh, it’s not complete, is it? Well, maybe you guys could go over to the IFSkinZone and gat some help. I can do some of the buttons if you like. :smiley:

Well, for one I was hoping that it would be ships since they’re much easier, and two I need to know what the hell they look like first. (I need the Samus ship you want and the design for the cruiser. Of course, I could design it for you based on the patrol craft in MP2:E…) And if you’re using sprites, it would make much more sense if the trooper/pirate were the sprites in the game. (The same goes for the ship, but you could do a cool 3D to 2D transition effect.)

A Samus gunship is being cutout for the banner as we speak. Er, post.

Yeah, I edited the style myself from Alien InVasion. It is far from complete and any kind of help someone could give me would be most apprciated, especially with buttons. I’m trying, as I already stated, to make it look like the board is being projected onto a GF computer screen - black background, blue words.

I dont mind any of you guys helping. just make an acount at our site. (it’s just easyier for everyone.) and I have I question. How can I add logos to admin’s and mod’s baced on there adminship instead of number of posts on our board like on the P2d board

Something for the banner:
This was just cut out.

Alright, so I keep hearing stuff about some ‘made up GF guy.’

How about Adem, or whatever his name is? The person that Samus named the computer in the ship from Fusion after.

It`s Adam