Metroid strategy game ehh?


Well, how bout we do it in the style of Dawn Of War? Two resources - Requisition and Power.

Requisition represents how urgent your headquarters sees your battle out of all the other requests for reinforcements across it’s line of war. So to “requisition” more units, instead of “making” them, you need to use the requisition resource, whereupon they will then be dropped in at your base. You get more requisition resource by holding “strategic points” across the map - every second, you get so many requisition points, and how many you get per second depends on how many points you have captured. Phazon, I don’t think that should be a resource - I think that it should be a part of certain gamemodes, adding an element to the game. And of course, power is electricity - the higher up the tech tree you go, the more power and the less requisition you need to create units. How’s this?

By top-down, I mean as in we have a top-view of sprites, who are moving as they would in a RTS. It would be problematic to do it another way, no?

What about in an isometric veiw point so many great games are

and on a side note 100 posts, war wasp WOOT

Will somebody try to make a demo? :smiley:

What about you jetman123

I can make sprites for it if you want just ask

Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves and trip on our own feet! We still have to organize and agree on the CONCEPT of the game. We haven’t even worked out from what perspective we’re gonna do it from, and we have three beta sprites. We have to get this thing ORGANIZED before we can charge ahead and declare it a fangame and create a demo etc etc etc. So anyway, no talk of demoes yet - we still have to organize.

If you realy want to get serious we shoud make our own form along with this.

But you are right the first desitions need to be here. for instance what game making program, the style of the sprites, basic strory. and we need to see who would be willing to help us. For instance we will probobly need a music maker person probably 2. We need like 5 to ten spriters (I can do this). Finaly we need to make sure we have a good programer. I cant program for shit so I am not realy one to talk but if someone can they should post an example here.

Erm, this topic was unorganized from the start.

The topic creator gave no details at all… just… wouldn’t it be cool… :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, something something something… gah I’m to lazy to say anything else.

Dazzy/admin do you mind me making a more organized topic. This one is to general we need a beter topic to realy get something done. Like AM143 said this is realy only about weather or not it is a good Idea

But while I’m waiting we need to start brainstorming on:

  1. Q. What will it be called? (A title.)
  2. Q. When in the metroid series does this game take plase?
  3. Q. What is the story? (How did these civs. get into war. or will this evan be a “War”)
  4. Q. What civs are we using?
  5. Q. What game will it be most like?
  6. Q. Will it just have space batles if not what else?
  7. Q. What ships/wepons will we have? and What old/new charicters will we be useing/creating
  8. Q. What resourses will we be using in the game? (like phazon)
  9. Q. What will the programing language be in?
  10. Q. What audio format?
  11. Q. what spriting format?
    If I missed any tell me and I will add them to the list. As we anser them I will start to show it on the topic.

This is why we need a new topic dazzy. (this should be the topic starter… …and its not)

Well, how about we just have Daz lock this topic and start a new one?

First let’s agree on a title. How about Metroid: Galactic Clash? Actually, here are a few of my suggestions for titles:

Metroid: Galactic Clash (as already stated)
Metroid: Conquest
Metroid: Planetary Conquest
Metroid: Land Air and Space

Like any of them?

As for orginization, I have an account and web site with an awesome hosting provider who gives 200MB and unlimited bandwitdth along with only one ad at the top of each page. I could split my site into two sections - one for the game, and one for my other stuff (ergo my sprite comic), what I’m using now. We could then set up a forum on invisionfree… and then we could see what would happen. I can help with the sprites, though my spriting skill definitely leaves a lot desired, and I’ll be providing hosting while we get everything organized. So anyway, if we get this thing off the ground I would be happy to host our site and get us a forum, but let’s keep it on P2D for a bit while we agree on the preliminary concepts.

I defenetly think Galactic clash is the best

 I think this should take plase right after the huners game that way we can use the civs from this game (it is the only game with enough civs for this type of game I mean we cant just have galactic federation troopers and space pirates) we should make the campain mode using the galactic federation troopers and have a free play mode or even a multiplayer mode with all civs.

 I also think it should defenatly be an Isometric Veiw with a grid you can turn on and off. (think fire emblem, advanced wars ect.) however its kind of hard to do issometric sprites I have just started expermenting with them. So we might have to settle with top down view

 Next on the list is the space batles. We should not just use space batles (to repetitive) we need some where you can use samus like on the planets/ celestial bodies and batles on giant space ships. we can even have mini levels where you control samus directly.

 And I am going to start a new topic right now please no one get mad. I will transfer my question sheat onto the opining post. As long as its okay with daveg Lock this dazzy.

Yes its OK 8)

Metroid strategy game has already been discussed. If’n anyone here gets a notion to make one, scan through that topic…lots of good ideas were posted.

Metroid: Conquest is a great name. :smiley:>

The name is "Metroid Galactic Clash

hm, you thing I would have figured that out by now… :unamused: