Metroid Timesplit 1 and 2

besides me Zone2H. Any ways, I finished a demo of
the game I was working on, yep Dark_Samus’ luminoth
and ing plot is now a game! I think you all will enjoy it,
i worked hard on the engine too. I’ll post a topic about it
in a few.


Knight, Daz, have you guys not seen I already made a comment about his double post? Look, this guy is new to forums, so give him a chance to fit in and get to know the forum system. We were all newbies once, so be easy on him, ok? There was no need to make such harsh comments about his posting style.

About you fangame, metroidkid, you got to understand a few things.

  • 1 game at the time, no arguing about that.
  • Learn how to make sprites and learn to program youself, there are plenty of tutorials on the net. Programmers and sprites won’t just fly in your arms. You can’t rely on other people to make your game.
  • Make your game yourself

If you need help I will offer you my engine. Its for TGF,
and its a little buggy. Your a beginner so I dont think it will matter much.

:confused: its been a while since i checked this topic and you guys have got the wrong idea about what i meant by “story” :confused: i meant that i had designed the whole map and plotted it all out. i had created the world with all the powerups and only need the rescouces to create it!

Might I make a few suggestions?

First, get game maker. Since you are new, it’s going to be the easiest thing to use to make a game. You can get it at
second, download the platformer tutorial that is there. It will help a lot. If you read it enough, and get the basic idea, and don’t give up on the tutorial because it’s ‘to complex’, you just won half the battle.
Third, you can ask people to help you with sprites, not everyone has that talent…v>_> ahem but you really HAVE to learn to program, wheather that be with game maker, or something else. Unless you CAN actually sprite, then, well, still learn programming.
Ok, scratch that last one, you should still practice spriting a LOT. It might take a really really REALLY long time to get the spriting down, but whatever. A hint for spriting: MS paint is your best friend. Your second best is IDraw. Google it, it’s handy for editing mass sprites at one time.
um… forget the friggin numbers. that’s basically all I had to say. Besides the fact that you really should read the forum rules. It says that ignorance to the rules (meaning if you don’t read it) is no excuse for breaking the rules, and the moderators will treat you the same as if you had read the rules. They are obviously not doing that right now…but if they were, you’d be PRETTY close to banned right now.
edit: I forgot to point out that it’s good that you can make maps and that stuff. Yes, that’s good, but it’s still only about 1/100’th of the whole process. Spriting and programming make up for around 70%, with music making up another large chunk. Point being, you either have to know how to sprite, or how to program. And if you know how to sprite, you can’t really say you ‘have an idea for a game, and want someone to make it’, you have to go around and tell people that you would like to help them with there game by MAKING sprites.

anyway… point being, LEARN how to use Game Maker.

sounds cool

Well, it is a good idea. But you can’t expect us to do all the work for you. Mapping, story, and “plotting it all out” still leaves tons of work to be done.

You can ask for help with some of the programming. You can definitely ask for help with sprites. But you can’t ask us to do ALL of the programming for you.

Game Maker is a WONDERFUL tool that allows you to program without really knowing how to program - it handles all of the deeper coding for you. All you have to do is the basic stuff. Even that takes work, though, but it isn’t too hard to pick up. You can get it at

I would be glad to offer a couple of tips on the Game Maker programming, so drop me a line, why don’t you?