Metroid's 25th anniversary

What will Nintendo do for Metroid’s 25th anniversary, will they finally make Metroid Dread for the 3DS? Or will Retro Studios begin working on the Metroid Series again?

I hope that they will do something good for the series, since Metroid Other M didn’t do so well in reviews and stuff. I hope for the 3DS that they will release Metroid Prime Hunters 2 or Dread, but these our just hopes.

I just wish Nintendo gives Samus a very good reward for being around for 25 years of Bounty Hunting.

What are your hopes for the future of Metroid along with it’s anniversary?

I’d like a well done remake of Super Metroid for the DS.

I second that. :smiley:

Although a new Metroid game would be nice too. :stuck_out_tongue:

If I was Nintendo, I would just release a new Metroid with the “Dread” name, because it would sell well.

I think people forget sometimes that they are in it for the money.

They are, but Retro wasn’t.

Yes they were. They are a company, after all.

I be the 3rd,

Maybe they release Super Metroid for the 3DS with the ability to view the game in 3d.

I went to a game store today and they said,“Retro Studios is making a new game but they had not release info about what it its.” So it could be Metroid or something else. I hope its a multiplayer metroid for the Wii.

My bet is DKCR2.

They said that their making something that: “the fanbase really wants.”

This likely means StarFox.

Now whether this is going to be for the Wii or the next machine, who can say, but all we know for certain is that they’re making something.

Dread. :sunglasses:

As made of win as that wold be they have also repeatedly said that they’re done with metroid :frowning:

They said it took too long to make the first one, so they don’t want to make another just yet.

I hope Dread. They’re already master of the Metroid formula and now they’ve shown that they can make a great sidescroller, and it would be for a handheld.

Super Mario 64 2.

Edit: Some older Retro stuff leads me to think Yoshi’s Island as a legitimate option.

I will back the Star Fox idea though. That seems most likely. It will also, without a doubt, be targeted as a ‘Stream’ launch title. Prime was supposed to be a GC launch title, Hunters was supposed to be a DS launch title, and Prime 3 was supposed to be a Wii launch title. Makes sense for Retro to be pulling a ‘Stream’ launch title as well (and probably postponed, if their track record says anything).

It would also go along nicely with the StarFox 64 3D they’re releasing on the 3DS.
lolwut you’re like 9 years late to the party

You know Nintendo said something about a franchise that they have not release a new game for it in a long time so maybe we will find out at E3. Hopefully this year’s E3 will have info about the next Metroid Game.

THAT was probably referring to the new Kid Icarus (unless that’s out).

Fire Emblem could also be a candidate.

I have found new information about 3 key developers at Retro Studio have left and from their own little company whose under EA contract as of right now. So what impact will this have on Retro Studios and future Metroid games made by Retro Studios Here’s a link and name of the company Armature

Fire Emblem is Intelligent Systems’ baby, I doubt it.

As much as I would like it to be a Metroid title, it’s probably not going to be. The Starfox idea sounds much more realistic, as sad as I am to say that.