keyboard broken so excuse spelling and punctuation
me and a frend had a argument over wether or not metroids are squishy
i think they are like jellyfish
he thinks there like clams
anyone have a different idea
if keyboard wasnt broke i would go into more detail but its a pain just to type this

Keyboards aren’t hard to find. Hope to see you working at full capacity again soon.

Anyway…I would say they are moderately hard. Not clam shell hard, mind you, but metroids aren’t soft from what I can tell. I mean, take a jellyfish for example. Jellyfish have no skeletal structure, and thus are squishy and limp. They don’t retain any real shape except a, well, jellyfish-like shape. Jellyfish live in water, though, and it is apparent that Metroids live in an air filled environment (well, for the most part. They obviously can live outside of one). So Metroids must have a tougher resilience to the forces of gravity, correct? This would lead me to believe that they aren’t rock hard, but they are not jellyfish squishy either.

I would assume that they are harder rather than softer, simply because missles obviously don’t penetrate the surface immediately. It takes quite a few to actually destroy a Metroid. But then again, it is a good idea to freeze a metroid first, then shatter it, so maybe a metroid is softer rather than harder…I dunno…I’m gonna wait for more input from others before taking a side, I guess.

its not the keboard but the drivers and reinstalling doesn’t help
here is what happened it made my us keboard a French keyboard somehow
so if anyone can help i will appreciate it

Oh, well, that’s not that bad. Dvorak would be a much worse setting to get stuck into in my case (I’m a QWERTY-tard, btw).

Fixed :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
So here is a detailed thing of what I think they are like:
-Kinda like a jellyfish
-A bit firmer, kinda like jello
-A semi-firm skin, holding the jello in
-the red tentacle-like things coming from the “brains” in the 2D metroids are what hold the skin in the proper form
The reason I don’t think metroids are hard, is found in the title-screen of Super Metoid (it pulsates).

I would image it would feel like a wet trampoline, except smoother.

I’ve always imagined them to be fairly soft, as in, you hug one, and it’s soft and huggable (Until it eats you), but at the same time, hard enough to not break.

Like chainmail, it can move, but doesn’t break.

I imagine a metroid in a wind tunnel would bend a bit, but unlikely break, if it can survive missilings.

Yes, they must be somewhat odd…I mean, they pulsate, yet they survive missile blasts? :confused:
And what the heck were they smoking when they came up with the design?

I agreed with zurg’s first post, like jellyfish - kinda squishy. they slightly expand and contract in the 2d games I’ve seen.

I’d imagine a Metroid to be kind of smooth, but tough at the same time. Think of a big load of ballistics jell. You can squeeze the 'Troid without much problem, but a quick burst of force is easily deflected/ absorbed.

VERY tightly pulled water balloons is what I imagine them as.
They’d hurt like hell to bump into, but they don’t crack or anything.
EDIT: I just asked someone, and he suggested that they’re filled with non-newtonian fluid.
A good suggestion!

I like Dragon’s idea. It’s like a big thing of Ballistics Gel. Except instead of getting shot by mythbusters, metroids eat them…

I think they’re pretty clearly squishy and at least semi-gel-liquid, as they A) freeze extremely easily and B) are seen splitting apart in a gel-like manner in various sources–official art, the manga, and possibly Prime’s Fission Metroids, though I can’t remember exactly. >_>

Oh. Ballistics gel is non-newtonian fluid.

The fission metroids do split, but they don’t look like jelly or “Mitosis”. It’s more like a computer’s copy and paste in the exact same place with electric sparks flying around where it splits.

It’s phazon, the magical element that means the developers can use any effect they like, so, yay!

As far as the metroid pulsating on the title screen, that WAS a baby metroid. It is entirely possible that they grow harder/firmer as they grow older, kinda like humans. Our bones start out as cartilage (I believe. I suck at anatomy, and I never remember if it’s cartilage or the other word… I can’t keep them straight…) and then harden into bone.

I also believe that the outside has some sort of shell, however thin… or maybe have a structure similar to plant cells, with something similar to their cell wall. Not entirely solid, but definitely harder.

Yeah, I think that must be about it.

Am I seriously the only one who wants to hug a metroid now?

Well, if the metroid was willing to not latch onto me and kill me, then yes, I would hug a metroid. Other than that, yeah, I’d stick with Samus when we “go 'troid hunting.”

So huggable.