Michael Jackson died



and all they found of him was a bunch of little boys scattered around on the floor…



it IS true O.O

As my friend put it:

and lo, all the little boys were saved

Another source.

I can’t say I’m dissapointed…

I’m…not sure how to feel about that.

Yeah, guys, it’s, like, everywhere.

But yeah, his death was untimely, but the press is sure jumping on this like no other. Hell, ABC already has a fucking documentary on his life, I think. That’s ridiculous.

He wrote good music. :frowning:

Yeah other than all the other bull shit, he had a lot of talent. He was quite possibly the most well known person in the world.


a lot of people think he molested little children… but here’s my theory

because he got all famous and was concentrating most of his attention on his career, he never had a chance to be a child. Now he’s trying to relive his childhood, but unfortunately nobody adult wants to be his “children” friends so he has to make friends with other children.

Agreed. I think the molesting stuff was bull shit. He was cool. RIP Michael Jackson. Wacko Jacko. King of Pop! :cry:

i still like to joke about it :3

Are you guys forgetting that MJ made Thriller? Shame he died.

so do i lol

That’s actually a helluva good theory.
The media does tend to blow things out of proportion, and people like us made it even worse. Even then though he had some weird stuff going on in his life. The plastic surgery that made him look so feminine, his son and daughter who he said were given to him by an adoring fan. (Literally given to him, like “Here! Have my kids!”)
The whole white skin thing though was caused by having vitiligo and lupus (no House jokes plz), and the treatments for them ended up making his skin blotchy and white in places. (Hence why he had silver gloves on back then.)

…and I love this:

Pom, you’re my hero. I never could stand Michael Jackson jokes.


… Wat?