midi music

I was wondering if there’s a program out there that you imput the notes into, and the instrument played on, and the program plays and records it for you. That would be an awesome tool to have at your disposal. You could make a whole orchestra 1 man. :smiley:

Well, yeah, that’s what midi creators are.

Since I guess it goes here, anyone know a good free MP3 creator?


Previously mentioned “Anvil Studio”.
Or you could try “Milky Tracker” which makes chiptunes. (More amazing than MIDIs with smaller file size. Think Techno of the eighties.)

Chiptunes… Like a lot ^^
I tried Milkytracker a whila ago but it’s pretty complicated…
I’m so stupid I don’t know how to create a song, nor a sample… nothing.

i r make 3 songs!
midied in anvil studio and transferred to .mp3 by switch sound converter

follow this link: http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=5d53e74…2db6fb9a8902bda
and click on songs.rar to download them.

i am very proud of all of them except magique. magique seems a bit repetitive to me and i’ll have to fix that in the future :slight_smile:

also, they’re kinda quiet so i would turn my sound up if i were u

Two of my chiptunes.


Remix of Barbie Girl:

Hmm, not bad for a first time, Pom :stuck_out_tongue: (speaking mostly of Oldenne). Just a tip if you’re going to be working with MIDI - drum kits must always be on MIDI channel 10. I’m not positive, but it doesn’t seem that you used multiple channels in either of the three in that compressed folder. If you need help with that, well… I probably coudn’t help e.e; since I don’t use the same program as you. But if you’d like tips or thoughts or reviews on any MIDIs you make after your first several, I’d be willing to offer some.

And since we’re on the subject of MIDIs… :smiley: Would anyone like to see a few of my own? I consider them… Better than some? I dunno.

(If we’re going to start posting our own work, maybe a new topic should be posted elsewhere since this one has pretty much been resolved?)

Or Pom could rename the topic and stuff.


Needs more, the clarinet is screwed up…but I like it.

Interesting… Honestly, the end of it sounded a little like the Jurassic Park theme e.e;. It wasn’t too bad, though :stuck_out_tongue:. Had I been able to remember Metroid II’s theme more clearly, I’d give more feedback.

Here are some of mine (originals), most of which are from a solo project of mine named Robo Go >.>.

The first full MIDI I created. It is presently being used as the title screen theme for RBG.

The second full MIDI I created. It is presently being used as the first stage’s theme in RBG.

A very recent creation. The only -original- orchestal-ish MIDI I’ve composed to date. It has nothing to do with RBG.

Death March WIP
If you don’t recognize it, you don’t belong on these forums.

You peoples make pretty sweet musics. Here are mine!


(You should be able to see my improvement over time for the most part–except in the ones in which I got help from Prophecy, ie. Arming The Teeth and Gray Curtains.)

Out of my music, I really like Watch Me Run, Overly Pleasant, and Da-da DA.

Saber Mage’s music was awesome. Pomegranate got off to a good start. And Infinity’s End does quite well, too. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sorry, Zurg, yours just don’t seem done. :wink:

Sure I recognize it :stuck_out_tongue:. It just keeps going up and up, and up. And up. Aaannndd up. Though >_>. I would recommend incorporating some cymbals and some additional instruments that fill the higher-pitched end of the spectrum, like maybe an organ, but most definitely some strings. If you plan to keep working on it, of course :stuck_out_tongue:.

Edit @ DeProgrammer: Not too bad :stuck_out_tongue:. You definitely improved some over the course of that page. Was that whole thing just a challenge to yourself, or did something else get you to do that music?

Crabs Do Not Belong in Cake and Watch Me Run stood out the most, in my opinion. Also, the progression of Overly Pleasant was interesting :stuck_out_tongue:. If you want some opinions from me, I’d say try adding more to the high end of your creations, maybe go for a bit more organization, and change up the melody some. A lot of the songs were kind of run-on, and lacked different “phases” or “sections.” Another thing I’d say is that some of your intros and outros need work. A lot of the songs didn’t have any outro, although that’s really no big deal if you plan to make it loop in a game or something :stuck_out_tongue:.

Something I liked much was the creative symbolism in your songs ^^. I don’t really do that with my MIDIs because usually I create them for a specific purpose or game, and so they end up getting labeled as something generic and/or relevant to the game.

Can’t do strings or Organ, I’m planning on getting a live recording, so I have to limit what I do.

So you plan to pull off the brass live, huh? I suppose there’s not much more you can add to it then, if you don’t have the resources.

Edit: Here’s some others, for the heck of it:

A more recent creation of mine, probably created in about the middle of my MIDI composition history. Is used in Robo Go.

The second stage song, and third full MIDI, I composed. Later became used in RBG.

The minor battle theme from RBG. This was probably made around the same time as Elders’ Theme. I began creating it with a boss battle song in-mind, but soon decided it was too “light” for a boss battle. At least, when taken into context.

[QUOTE=Saber Mage,Nov 20 2008, 08:24 PM]

I totally did it just to challenge myself.

I hated Crabs Do Not Belong in Cake. :laughing: But I love the chorus of Watch Me Run, and I had lots of fun with Overly Pleasant. I don’t know what “high end” is supposed to mean, and I don’t really know how to “organize” music. (Prophecy told me my drums were always random, but I was pretty deliberate in how I decided to make 'em.)

Yeah, I have a lot of trouble with making multiple fitting chunks for any piece of music. My outros are basically “hold the last note for a second or two.”

Everyone seems to like my symbolic names. :smiley:

I can’t say I really like most of the piano work in Stage2, but it sounds awesome here and there. Trigger Battle sounds pretty sweet, too, until the horrible dissonance just before the end. :stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t really like the bursts of piano in Elders Theme either, but otherwise it was cool.

Haha, I didn’t necessarily like CDNBiC either, but it just sounded the most unique :stuck_out_tongue:.

My apologies. By “high end,” I mean higher-pitched instruments. Most of your melodies etc. seemed to reside in the deeper, lower-pitched part of the spectrum.

And by better organization, I meant like to have different sections that you switch between, like how some songs will go with one melody for a while, switch it up (to a slightly different melody, perhaps with more or less speed) for a while, then go back to the first melody, maybe with added parts.

However it doesn’t look like you’ve made much music in a while, so I suppose you aren’t really actively composing anymore, hm? :stuck_out_tongue:

On to my creations… Aw, so basically I got worse as time passed? That’s unfortunate for me xP. I will agree with your claims on Elders’ Theme - those piano parts sound much better played live with a control over how hard you hit the keys >_>. I suppose my latest RBG music has yet to be posted. Here’s a few odd ones (non-RBG):

Dark Song - MIDI Test
The first test MIDI I created in a program different from the one I had been using before. I decided I didn’t like it as much, as you could only edit the notes of one track, and could not use individual clips per track.

MMX3 Stage Re-Mix
Thee second test MIDI I created on aforementioned program. It is a re-make/re-mix of a stage theme from Mega Man X 3, although I can’t remember the boss’ name.

Ambeginning Sample
The third and final test MIDI I created on aforementioned program. Like I said, I didn’t like it so well. This one is completely random, with no real purpose in mind.

BNO Song 1 Sample 2
Part of a frozen WIP I began for Battle Network Online, the game in my sig. I’m happy with what’s there, but can’t get myself to finish it for some reason, heh @_@.

Code Pong Title Theme
The latest MIDI composition. Created as the title theme for Code Pong, a small multiplayer pong knock-off with some neat SFX and brackets {} for the paddles. This one is really sporadic, fast, and lacks much melody :stuck_out_tongue:. The fast drums are my poor attempt at getting something like a breakbeat down, sort-of.

Sdoow Stol
Finally, in technicality not my own composition, this MIDI is the backwards equivalent of the Lost Woods theme from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (minus the percussion). I thought it sounded neat, heheh.

Lol at the backwards song. :stuck_out_tongue: