Fricking awesome game. I’m hooked.
It’s also easily customized… who’s in for generating an P2D texture pack for it? It’s all 16x16 textures, so it’s more of a spriting thing then texturing.

I think the simple style of Wind Waker would work good for such a project, or we could do a Metroid type thing.

I’ve been playing the shit out of this game for weeks.

eh, gets kinda old

Funny you mention minecraft. I used to play that game a lot a few months ago.

Were you playing the Classic version?

Ok, let’s get this thing done!

What style shall we go for?

with the monsters
and the mine carts
and everything

I downloaded and massively edited a texture pack a while ago.

But we should do a new one.

Yes, let’s. Style opinions?

I vote we go with Wind Waker.

Obsidian tower.

It’s creeper-proof.

You on 7 or something? Noice. I just got a really crappy PC myself, and let me say, it’s nice to be able to run things now. It really is.

Ok, I say we revisit the skin idea. Let’s do VR (virtual reality) or Tron, or some blend of the 2.

Anyone else wanna help?

Also, I say we use 32x textures for VR, and/or 64/128 for Tron, for the sake of making it look good.

VR? Examples?

Vectoring, primarily:

I think the style would work well… with some tweaks, of course.

Edit: spent ~5 minutes hammering out a concept for it (yes I’m aware it sucks… royally):

After seeing that though (16x16) I think maybe we should go with 128 for the Vector, just to get the thin lines in.

i feel like reviving the idea of doing a texture pack

who’s up for it?


heres the full pack of resources

I am. We need a solid idea and what size of textures we’re gonna do.

definitely not the normal texture size

maybe 32x32 or 64x64

too big would require a lot of time + detail

i think we should think of a theme first, hummm…
what about Amnesia?


oops, its huge

Hell of a game. Haven’t gotten around to trying to make any textures yet, but I do have this skin I made:

What else would it be? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, my castle: http://img839.imageshack.us/img839/9505/castlev.png

God, I love Minecraft. I’m running a SMP server if anyone here is interested in joining; PM for IP.

then check your PMs lawl

also, my skin is Deadpool =D
i made a Hunter skin, L4D
but i like being Deadpool xD

Going to make a Cecil and Kain set next.

Tried making a Fusion/OtherM pirate… that didn’t go so well.

You do it by hand or with the skin editor program? Damn handy tool.