Ever been to Mirnyj?
there is this hole in the ground that is like the biggest hole in the world there.

The diamond mine is 512 meters deep and 1200 meters in diameter.
You can’t flly over it or you will get sucked down. That’s cool.

I fell like moving to Siberia now. How cool wouldn’t it be living next to that hole?

Russians > Swedes. I thought everyone knew that.

Ever taken a dump down the hole?
That’s the first thing I would do. And I would have someone take a photo of it.

And you know, swedes eats russians for breeakfast.

edit: No but seriously. It’s a cool diamond mine.
And I want to live there. At least for a while since my russian is somewhat limited.

How the fuck do you move that much earth is my only question.

Russians can dig.
Swedes invented awesome.
No comparison.

Tim, if I wanted to give a profound/symbolic answer to that, I would say greed. I also don’t have a real answer, so I’m just going to stick to that.

well obviously they’ve moved it over time looking for more diamonds

Oh, and it’s abandoned.
I wonder if you could get air pressure sickness by driving from the top to the bottom?

i wanna go in that hole

shit would be so codec

thats NOT what she said

That’s…epic. Wow…

seriously, i REALLY wanna see that
i like holes in the ground

There’s something special about holes in the ground.

i hope youre serious
cuz i love digging
dunno what it is
but i LOVE digging dirt xD

i have lost all respect for you guys

I didn’t know I had won any.

same xD

Ha ha. :smiley:

I don’t know why, but I started laughing uncontrollably after reading this.

Nice one, Liks. I lol’d hard.