what ones you play or have played and your opinon on them

nostale - never again
Maple Story - good to relieve boredom, cute
Anarchy online - still downloading xD
Runescape - eh, once you get to a high level, it gets old… fast
9 dragons - good, but lost my password =/
guild wars - most excellent, but can become boring at times
shaiya - better then 9 dragons in some ways, similiar in the way i lost my password
World of Warcraft - got a free trial, i think the idea of paying 15 dollars a month made me not enjoy it =/

theres a few more, but most arent worth mentioning xD

MU Online-Grindtastic, and yet, really freaking fun. I was easily addicted, and even though I leave it from time to time, I can’t help but play it again.

But yeah, the rest of those…I haven’t played or were mediocre. And Runescape got boring at level 40, I swear. Just…too…well, grindtastic without the graphical pleasure I get from MU.

Oh, MU is free, but you can get upgrades for, like, 5 bucks a month or something. May have changed, haven’t checked. It’s not like it really makes a difference, either. You couldn’t even tell that they had a membership unless you looked it up. The game feels complete without the price (unlike Runescape).

yeah runscape was fun in the low levels
and 40 sounds accurate xD

i havent played MU
i’ll check it out

WOW: I play on my brothers account from time to time.
Warhammer Online: the essence of awesome.
Lord of the Rings Online: meh.
Maple Story: boring as shit.
FLYFF: meh.

WOW=Alright, but not the “BEST GAME EVAR” that most players will try to say it is <_< It’s fun, but… not THAT fun.
Maple Story=Mixed feelings. I like platformers, and this is like a platforming MMO… I like it, I just don’t play it much anymore.

Guild Wars=Awesome, better story than WoW, more balanced gameplay in general, PVP is better, PvE is more expansive (Yes… Guild Wars IS bigger than WoW, especially fuckin’ prophecies, you probably have all of Kalimdor in just Ascalon. SO. MUCH. WALKING.
Thank god Guild Wars lets you jump any town you’ve already explored <3

Grand Chase=meh, alright occasionally, would be better with better graphics, less lag, and smoother gameplay, but it’s a start.
Bots=Ehhh <_< Not my cup of tea.
Gunz=Fun occasionally, but arrogant K-Stylers can ruin the game, which is no fault of the game itself. K-Stylers just don’t get that E-Styling is just as valid as K-Styling, as long as they’re not just spraying everything…
Eve=Damn trial never starts right on my compy D=
R.O.S.E. Online=Good if you can get passed the cartoony graphics, it kinda reminds me of Dark Cloud… thank god their level design is better than Dark Cloud, or I would be incredibly disappointed. Oh, also, went Pay to Play a while ago, that’s also disappointing… I no longer play.

2 moons is allright, the only others i have played were WOW and Dark age of camelot. <— That was an awesome game!

Anarchy online is awesome
download it nooooow

Do what he said, I play too.

We shalt form the P2D clan. :smiley:

hell yeah!

you promised <_<


Maple Story - Got old really, really fast. Just not the direction I like to see platforming games taken - espeicially 2D ones.

Runescape - Boring. Only played when it was still 2D, but I didn’t really find anything satisfying about it. It seemed so openly WIP.

Phantasy Star Online Eps I & II (GC): Pretty fun IMO, even if the combat was a tad stunted, and the summons really unpolished/jerky. It could have used more enemies and areas to play in, and possibly more story events and techniques, but I still find this game and its music enjoyable today. Really though, the online part was annoyingly expensive, (really I don’t think any MMO’s worth paying for) and the general game gets old when there’s no more storyline or areas to explore.

Gunz - Pretty fun, and extremely competitive. Can be addictive for a good while. I felt that there was a lack of maps and musical variation, however.

FFXI Online - Likely the most addictive MMORPG I’ve ever played, though I haven’t played WoW (and don’t plan to). Even when levelling got slower, it seemed like there was always something different and/or new to see, explore, do, or learn about. FFXI also had a pretty distinct atmosphere of its own, I think, that helped draw the player into the game - part of this was, of course, the lovely soundtrack :stuck_out_tongue:. It did cost $13 a month though, and I haven’t played since I made myself stop the first time. Like I said, no MMO is worth paying annual or monthly fees for, in my opinion.

Yyepp. Think that’s it. :slight_smile:

Anarchy Online-

Almost any game that is worth playing has Secret Worlds and Easter Eggs.

Anarchy does.

runescape - okay… extremely boring to grind levels once you get closer and closer to 99
knight online - it was a good game (for a free one) IMO but it could’ve used a lot of work. also, most ppl on knight online are portugese and cant speak english (wonder why?)
wow - its good once you know your way around. questing gets repetative but once you reach 80 you can raid and pvp :smiley:
warhammer online - WoW clone was my first impression. got to lvl 20 then quit from boredom.

i strongly suggest everyone here gets anarchy online

i got it and i’ll join a clan, but we should all choose same starting location and begin a new game.

im omni-tek

flyff: grindfest, but i got pretty far when the double exp event was on once. also last time i played it was like 3 years ago.

maplestory: even worse grindfest it’s not even fun.

world of warcraft: great game until you have to pay. i’ve played on and off on private servers since before BC and now that LK came out i paid for 2 months or something, leveled to 74 or whatever then stopped.

kingdom of loathing: hohoho, most open ended mmo i’ve played, as long as you try new stuff it doesn’t get repetitive.

gunbound: superfun, no one in irc plays as much as they used to anymore, me included.

i’ve also installed multiple mmo’s to try but i’ve stopped playing them before level 10, including anarchy online, gunz, space cowboy, i’m forgetting something, whatever.


that game was fucking awesome. also it’s free. :3 although… it’s not really an MMO though.

FlyFF - I got banned for talking o someone who didn’t pay for store items. It was fun at lvl sixty, being shiny and all…

Fiesta - Way fun, good graphics. Always with the grind however, not enough job satisfaction… Amazing music, and it actually had a decent storyline.

Voyage Century - I cleared all the gray space on my map at level five and had visited every port by level ten. Good graphics, …actually, now I want to start playing again. 90% of my time was always at sea, I only made port to get the necessities to sail. By level ten I could sink a lvl 40 ship… sooo… kinda easy. But worth a try.

Gunbound - <3
So fun when you get good at it!

Maplestory - Got boring fast. I made it to lvl… 30? Got stuck in some alien outpost place… lost interest.

Tales of Pirates - No, just… no.

Planeshift - Wants roleplay. Lots of (gay) furries, needed major graphics upgrades last time I played. I may pick it up again.