Mod get!

Copy-pasted from “DEADED” because not everyone will read that:

I’m tentatively appointing Zurg as a moderator. Depending on how things go, he’ll be either promoted to admin if need be, or dropped back down to the miserable pile of secrets he once was.

I’m sure not everyone’ll be happy with this choice, but I’m currently unable to consult with the other administrators, so we’ll see where things go – but either way we need someone who can moderate in the meantime, and my work is keeping me damn busy. >_<


aww but what about me? I’ve been waiting… for years T.T

There are only two things that pretty much negate one’s chances to become a mod. One is to explicitly PM the admin to ask about it.

The other involves a flock of sheep and a lot of lubricant, and I’d rather not go into that here.

I support Zurg’s modification.

EDIT: Heh. Modification. That’s a real word.

Hehehe. It’s only funny if you’ve been banned before. :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah… sorry about that ^^;

Wait… I thought he was talking about me!

Never mind then!

I had to click “Reply” like 5 times before the flood control was done spouting its shit. Hurrah for Modness. I’m happeh!

so you WERE there!

CMC and IE get on topic.

(man that’s so satisfying to say…)

Anyways, yes, I have gone green. :stuck_out_tongue:

…that was last Halloween and I was dressed as a sheep. I’ve never been the same.

EDIT: Oh… And congrats Zurg.

For some reason, I know what CMC and IE are talking about… shudder


Grats, Zurg.

we are actually on topic =D

check again, man

we’re talking about something said in this topic
therefore we are on topic ;D

CMC speaks truth.

also can you kill the 50% warning i got from 072?
it got old when it started xD

I’ll talk to Daz.

DF was supposed to remove the % warn system altogether. <_<

well i still have my % lol