Mod get!

yeah he didn’t do a very good job did he?

“Oh, hey, looks like there’s still some semblance of life here. Oh, hey, Zurg’s a mod now! Sweet. Maybe I’ll just poke around for a little while lon-OH GOD!” And that’s when the college homework ninja kicked me in the face for not staying 100% dedicated to it.

Anyway, congrats, Zurg. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go die a little more on the inside (read: Study). :stuck_out_tongue:

“Hey, babe. Did you know I’m a mod on the forums?”

Laid. Right there. Try it some day.

I totally said that to my GF. xD


why? We were in need of a mod and it seemed like you and the rest of the mods were ignoring the situation (maybe because you hadn’t read the posts where the forum regulars said they wanted a new one), so i had to bring it to your attention.

In my mind I was doing the forum a favor and now I’m being punished for it? That’s just wrong IMO…


When it comes to modmanship, Homeward Bound has the best advice.
Pretend you don’t want it.

If you sent a PM saying we need an active mod, it’s a legit concern. If you send a PM saying “we need a mod and I think you should make me that mod,” then be prepared for rejection.


Besides, Zurg will be a good mod…Right? :stuck_out_tongue:

my PM included my name only because i mentioned myself as a candidate (which at the time I was). I did not ask for mod; I asked for them to pick a mod.

Besides, there are forums with an entire section dedicated to admin/mod applications. When they need a new mod or admin they pick from the list (In fact, this is how I got admin for a zombie panic server… because I mentioned myself on their admin application board). Why is it a bad thing to support yourself in a campaign?

I would post the PM i sent to Daz except I can’t find it in my “sent items” folder. Thus, I’m requesting that Daz post the PM i sent him so we, as a community, can decide whether it was an uncalled for PM.

Psh, yeah right.

hes gunna DESTROY US ALL!

Oh. Darn.

I would care, except for the whole, you know, “not caring” thing. If that makes any sense. :stuck_out_tongue:


Who to ban first…

Screw it, you’re all first. :smiling_imp:

A lot of the people who want power shouldn’t have it. There are exceptions, but the people who weren’t striving for power are less likely to abuse it.
Then there’s a psychological aspect where if you apply for mod/admin/whatever and get accepted, you tend to feel like you deserve that power. If you’re given mod/admin status without asking for it, you feel more privileged than deserving, and you might be more careful with that power.

Ban me and I’ll eat Daz’s girlfriends mothers neighbors old teachers cat. With mustard.

and there would go the most active users


On mod-begging, CV summed it up pretty well. Basically, a person asking for modship only shows that he thinks of it as an accolade and not a responsibility.

or thinks there needs to be more mods and thinks themselves a good candidate

I think it’s a stupid indicator of qualifications for modship. Most people, in general, aren’t qualified to be good mods. It’s not a statistic particular to people who want to be mods. If someone messages you saying they want to be a mod, that shouldn’t factor into your decision in any way. Sure, they might be stupid for assuming that you’ll be swayed by their requests, but it’s often better to appoint someone to a position of power if you have an indication that they’d be interested enough to do well. In some cases, your only indication could be if they contact you.