Mod get!

I thought there was no difference… Y’know, since mods can use the admin CP… (If that’s still the case.)

Maybe. But in that case, we have a new mod now – why is Pom complaining?

Am I the only one here that don’t want to be a mod?

im half and half on it, lol
my vote was for rundas though xD

Actually my vote was for Rundas too. xD

I don’t.


lulz xD

oh dear me no, I have no interest in it

I just wouldn’t care…
I’d be like “Woo… so… what now?”

I would ban you all for not worshiping Gnudorf the almighty gnu.

That’s essentially my outlook on it. I would care, but I’m, like, never on any more, so yeah, it doesn’t really affect me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d say he’s doing a good job. Can we keep him forever?

He doesn’t HAVE a job. He has to manage like 4 members who already know all the rules.
But that also means I don’t give a damn if we keep him forever.

To true.

Or we could all just stage an uprise and post a ton of useless shit and overwhelm him, resulting in all four of us getting banned and leaving him to be the only active member. That could be fun.

There’s me, UTA, Tim, Candyman… and Liks who doesn’t count.
Yep, four of us.



And would yall really want to leave me like that? :neutral_face:

I want in on that!


Lol we love our Zurgy.

Leave? You would ban us!
…or let us get away with it and lose your shiny new title! :smiling_imp:

I count at least as much as Liks. >=(
disappears for another month?