MTR? Any more info?

That sprite makes my eyeswater, just like everything else in the vid it looks so good. Related vids have slightly different sprites, but the actual engine and tilesheets and backgrounds seem damn good. Does anybody know anything about this game/demo? I can look at that vid looping forever, and drooloing like a retard over it.

All I know about it is that it failed somehow a few years back. But it looks like it would’ve been incredible, that’s for sure.

I agree, and I’m sad that it ended… That’s not what should happen to P2D.

Could you also give details about “Seph” (it is that?) and “Hatu”'s Metroid II Remake? That could be nice.

Seph and Hatu? XD

It’s Sephi Hatu, one guy, and he’s also an ex-P2D worker. He did a Meta Ridley and Sentry Drone, off the top of my head, probably among other things.

Dunno what ever happened to him or his remake, though. Ain’t seen him online in quite some time, be it here, in IRC or on AIM.

He’s still at M2R’s forums a lot. The team board is active (in the middle of an enlightenment phase in terms of organization and ideas), but no other board seems to be.