Music and sounds


o i c well is there any sounds/music nobody has done that you could use.


Hey it’s been a while, I was listening to a Menu Screen Midi by HEXIT and I modified the drums to be more resemblant to the ones in the real game, here you go!Menu Screen Song


Hey Annatar, I don’t know about other MIDI creators, but Hexit is not one who appreciates having somebody else modify his music without his permission, especially to do it wrong. I know shit all when it comes to MIDIs, but it’s obvious even to me that the “correct” drums that you put in there do not match the rest of the song’s style at all.

Just warning you, you just pissed off somebody who would probably rip out your throat if he was anywhere near your vicinity. I would take that link off your post quick if i were you.


Hi, I’m Morejatroid! :smiley: :smiley: I’m new here and I’m Italian.
Well, I made another music of Samus’ Appareance Fanfare and now i’m making the data selection screen (main menu) music. It’s still finished. I’m going to make the credits song and i’ll add all my music as soon as possible. Bye


I hope your music is in midi format, otherwise we can’t use it.


If you need music for the Meta Ridely fight, I’m working on it on my guitar. Got the notes right, I just mess up sometimes :sweat: If you need it, I can have it sometime this week.


Midi format?


i dont think so


yes… we need them in midi format.


I am a Video Game Remixer (on And I have some pending metroid remixes, if you’d like to hear some, I can upload them and link you to it. I did a remix of the Brinstar theme (both of them) and if you converted them to .ogg or .mod, you might find them useful in your game, all you’d have to do is give credit :smiley:

Note: Give Credit to “Ryan Bunting” and please include a small link to :smiley:


Hi! I’m Morejatroid. I like Metroid very, very, very much!( :laughing: Look at my name :laughing: ) and i want to collaborate. what music do you need at the moment?

That’s the official list, all midi’s.

But there will be room for mp3’s later :smiley: I’m adding external mp3 support to the game.


Turret Fire midis coming soon.

Several versions for public viewing.

Also on that list it says no one is doing the Mission Final MIDI, but just to let you know I am doing it.


How do you do that? :confused: :confused: :confused:


Hey DF is a very good at programing, so he should be able to add mp3 to the game.


you can add wav, right?


Hey, Destroyer, how do you add the external mp3 support? using the Lame library or like this?


Hi. I’ve got lots of music. I tried to post this at, but after 1 month, and still not able to log in? Screw it. (Yes, I know about it being hacked. However, after they fixed it they STILL don’t work for me).

Anyway, just go to my website for all my music. Some suck, but some don’t. (Note: Things like “Item” might be somewhere else).

Edit: FINALLY! is working!
Edit Edit: Or not. :sweat:


nice pic dude


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