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is there going to be an option to turn the sound off because sometimes when im tring to listen to music it makes it go bodged


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I guess this means I have to work really hard now… truthfully, I wish someone like Troid got my place, as I’m hardly here (heck, when did I get told, “Your on the team DaDude!”)…uhh… I’ll have to ptrove myself then. OK, lets see what Metroid stuff I can do…


Well, I’ve been changing MIDIs into MP3s. Now, I KNOW you said you’re using MIDI, I’m just enhancing it, just incase you want to change your mind.

Here’s an example using Troid’s Phendrana:

Note: This is not the best quality as I’m going through this problem:

Sadly, I’ve ran into a problem. I tried to install Fruityloops XXL, but it sort of backfired. I can still import MIDIs and export them as MP3, but I can’t import individual tracks all of a sudden. Sometimes, one instrument isn’t deep enough. Whenever I try to import just one track, it deletes every other track. In other words: I can’t add more tracks to a song, to make it deeper.

It’s weird as I had the demo version before, and I could import certain tracks, but now, it says the demo version can’t do this. Oh well.


Actually, there are some definitely-not-etched-in-stone plans for a separate soundtrack, with slightly modified MIDIs recorded through high-quality synths. But for now, just MIDIs used.

Trial version? Rewind your computer clock and it might work. If it doesn’t, well, you should just “buy” the full version… >_>


Well, some of you know I somehow got XG onto my soundcard (;)). So, I retried the Elevator. I arranged it slighgtly, as it sounds more accurate with slap bass 2, but it’s overall better as the halo instrument.

Now, I must warn you, this sounds AWFUL in GS, or GM. So, I have KINDLY posted an MP3 of it. This only lasts for a few days though, and there’s a maximum the amount you can download it.

So, the MIDI is quicker to download, but if you don’t have XG, listen to the MP3.



Will the full game music be all Midi’s or MP3’s?


I think midis because they take up less space.


You CAN put MP3s into the game, but it will slow down the loading process, I have found a way around that, tho.

You can make a separate download for the MP3 soundtrack.

A player can download it and put it into the game folder.

the coder makes a action to replace the MIDIs with their corresponding MP3s and it will play the MP3s without slowing down the loading.

If you DON’T download the MP3s, the game will play the MIDI music as it can’t find the MP3s to replace them with.


Hey just bigglich72

Im pretty sure thats good advice (so bumping willbe forgiven) but I thinks its already been resolved. I think the game will use MP3’s. Of course im not a team member, so I cant say for sure.


P2D will come with MIDIs but allow for alternate soundtracks.


not to mention, to whoever is converting the midis into MP3’s: Don’t waste your time. You can’t dig gold out of a copper mine.

You can’t create quality out of where it doesn’t exist. Audio does not work that way.

A MIDI converted to MP3 will sound exactly the same (except for the MIDI wavetable independency, but that’s not really an issue since you can include the wavetable along with the game) while taking 100 times the size.

same quality, 100x size = 100x less efficient = no.

So, don’t bother.


Unless you change the copper to gold.

A MIDI can sound really nice as an MP3 if you insert it into a program like FL Studio and mess around with it for a few hours.


Hate to bump a year and a half old topic, but I got something. The noise when samus spawns. Here. Check it. No, I mean Here. Like this underlined thing. Lemme’ know what you think. Sorry its an MP4, but I don’t know if garage band can do MIDI’s as an export. Its all midi instruments.

Edit: Uhh, this is based off the noise from Prime 3… Hope that doesn’t mess up TO many things.


Doesn’t have the same epicness as Prime.

When Samus comes out of the ship, you want to be thinking, “Fu** yeah, this is awesome.”


I’m no Kenji Yamamoto. I tried. I’ll keep tweaking it. Anyone else have any thoughts?

Edit: Here’s the link again… because its on a different page. (hate to inconvenience you) XD


I mean, it’s good and could be used, just doesn’t have the same feel.

Not trying to say it sucks or anything.


Oh, I thought you didn’t like it. I have low standards for my work, so I’m used to flames.


Well, you aren’t really “bumping” anything, since it’s a pinned topic anyways. :stuck_out_tongue: But if I were to guess, the fact that it’s based off MP3 will present some issues. shrugs