Music and sounds


Pardon the double-post, but I think this may well be worth it.

I decided to give Samus’ appearance theme a try. Tell me what you think, and I can render it as an mp3 if necessary (it would sound better, but obviously be a much larger file).

Edit: And sorry, UTA! I usually can’t resist a challenge when it comes to MIDI-making! xP

If you’d like though, the comments I have to offer on your version are as follows:

  • The orchestra has a stronger presence - takes up more of the pitch spectrum.
  • Some of the bass notes of the orchestra/strings were off-pitch by a bit.
  • The midrange harmony is off-pitch in some places, and should also be in the vox at an octave higher.
  • The orchestra/strings also follows the same (main melody) notes as the vox.
  • I believe the vocals cover two octaves of the same (main melody) notes - with the harmony in between - but am not positive.

Don’t take any offense, please! xP Just trying to give you some tips. Know, too, that there may be some significant discrepencies, because I’m comparing yours to the MP1 version, whereas you referenced the MP3 version to create it.


Heh, its no problem. (It’s not like it took me 2 hours…) Yeah, were going from 2 different things. Also I’d like to listen to it in MP3, so I know what your hearing. I’ve got a mac, so it sounds way different.


Er, by MP3 I meant Metroid Prime 3 (xD) but maybe you got that. I’ll upload the MIDI rendered as an mp3, and here’s the video I referenced for the original:

mp3 rendering of the MIDI is here:

BTW, if it wasn’t apparent, I added that little extended build-up intro myself. Thought it might sound cool, but it can be removed at a whim. xP


Sounds nominaly the same, but hey, Its a bit different. I’m working on another version, with a few more layers, so expect something before 10:00


Well, V2 is here. Check it. I mean the underlined thing. Idiot. Anyway Thought it was worth the double post, sorry Daz, but hey, its cool. Also, this is what it looks like when I export it.
Right Here. O.o
This is the previous version. This one. Duh…


o_o… I’m pretty sure that image is too big >_>. Anyways, you know, for the vox and the strings at least, you CAN just put the “high and low” parts on the same track, instead of making a new track for each layer of notes @_@.

So yeah, this one sounds better - as in fuller and more epic - I think, but the pitch of all the notes seems to have remained unchanged. The synth sounds cool, but if we’re aiming for a sound as much like the original as possible, it’s not necessary. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wish some of the other people on the forum would take a look/listen and comment. <_<


Yeah, the more Input I get the better my stuff gets. :smiley: I’ll take the synth out, and change that image to a link.


Well, V2 is here. Check it. I mean the underlined thing. Idiot. Anyway Thought it was worth the double post, sorry Daz, but hey, its cool. Also, this is what it looks like when I export it.
Right Here. O.o
This is the previous version. This one. Duh…

Copied from Earlier Things, because only Phlake and SaberMage helped me. Anyone else wanna give me some input please?


A.) I just noticed that FileFront is going down indefinitely tomorrow. Everyone, hurry and grab your stuff if you don’t have backups! 48+ terabytes of data going poof!

B.) I thought we were making MIDIs of every track first, then sending them all through better audio programs later for an alternate, high-quality soundtrack. That means we would use Saber’s MIDI for now.

C.) Either way, both the MIDI version and the M4A version have a really awkward gap near the end that isn’t present in the original. Not as many voices/instruments should drop out, since the gap still has a pretty full sound, and I think all they do is fade out and fade back in smoothly, without any rearticulation. Perhaps they don’t even fade out completely–it’s hard to tell. It’s just a subtle re-emphasis.

D.) I like that added intro. Can we keep it?


YAY someone BESIDES ME posted about these. I don’t know how to export as a MIDI… So yeah. XD I’ll make stuff anyway.

I see what you mean. (and my stuff is backed up) That is sort of weird, but its like your waiting with baited breath. Idk. Something like that. Overall, is it any good?


The overall tune sounds nice, but I don’t think it should be in Synths. It could work just fine, though.


So I really liked the re-mix of the title theme on the last demo, which I have lost :frowning:

Any Idea who re-mixed it or where I can download an mp3?

Dan :slight_smile:


Check This Website…ex-classic.html
It Has Almost All TheGamecube Games Including Metroid Prime 1 It’s In ABC Order


We’re doing our own music.

It’s also worth noting that not all of Prime’s 43 songs are there, nor are all of them good.


And believe it or not we do know what VGmusic is…


Look another bump.

I’m that Dark X guy from SCU years and years ago. A couple of you might remember me. Kind of surprising to see troid, phlakes, and daz all still here. But anyway.

I rifled through some topics checking on progress because I thought hey why not see how P2D is coming, if it is at all. Noticed that troid said the music was “almost done” or something to that effect, and thought I’d ask for some clarification. Does it need any work or improvement at all? I’ve picked up music-making with LMMS recently and I’m perfectly willing to collaborate with anyone who’s working on it if that’s necessary. If not, oh well. I’ve got no real skills other than that- can’t sprite or code worth a damn. Thought I’d put the option out there and offer my services while I was here.


Different Phlakes here actually, the one from SCU was my brother. But he’s kind of a dick nowadays.

And the whole thing is in a 99% cancelled limbo, Troid is working on an engine over here and we’re all sort of standing by until we possibly have something to work with. Daz has also been getting all the art together and we’ve been slowly building up those resources (slowly meaning someone might finish one sprite every few months). I guess I’ll let Troid explain anything else when he stops by again.


If even that. We had a good year or 2 where progress was really moving, monthly art 'n stuff… then everything just kind of died. (Right around the time I got banned, incidentally).

Basically, we’re not kids anymore. :frowning:

Anyways, about that… Daz, where do we stand when it comes to art?



It seems like a fair amount of content has actually been created so far, and the only real stumbling blocks are a functioning engine/some backgrounds/some sprites. Is that accurate? Wish I could help out more but hurr durr no-talent pro.


… I had no idea you were a different Phlakes! Dazmind=blown.

Anyway, as far as art goes, we have about 80% of sprites started but only a small amount finished, with the rest in varying states of “needs a bit of refinement” all the way up to “only one pose exists.” The biggest problem is that everyone rushed to claim and start work on endgame stuff, so for the longest time we lacked any resources that the demo or early builds would actually use.

Backgrounds are harder to judge. I have no idea exactly how many tiles we have or need for any given area, sadly.

But yeah, Kyriaki roughly has it. The engine’s the biggest problem. I feel like a lot of people are reluctant to devote time to creating resources when there’s no game to put them in, and so many engine attempts have fallen through in the past it’s hard to put faith in the new ones.