which is better (we all know rap sucks)

  • Rap
  • Rock/Metal
  • Punk
  • Goth/Screamo
  • Luvy Duvy

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I forget where I saw this, but it’s the truth. Credit to whoever thought of this cuz its pure geunius


Lets face it, rap sucks, its for n00bs. Rock is the shizzle

you cant spell crap without RAP

i voted for all three in the middle ;D

Lol yeah, pretty much same here. I prefer general rock among these (Luvy-Duvy isn’t really a genre, so no one will vote for it >_> unless they decide to after reading this), but I used to like and still don’t really mind punk and music with screaming. Definitely hate most rap. Definitely hate ALL R&B, and dislike country.

somebody throw country in there
unless nobody will vote for that :neutral_face:

I sure won’t. -_-; <_<

My music preferences don’t fall along any particular genre lines. You all fail.

Well, I’m not against rap, I respect it as a music genre, with its own ticks and rules, but I just don’t listen to it. It’s not my kinda music. But I won’t go out of my way to insult it. It is a music genre, whether you want it to be or not, and thus, I think you should respect it as such. Once more, I respect rap as a genre, I do not, however, listen to it.

I listen to Rock. A little bit of punk, but mostly Rock. More modern rock than classical, though. Don’t get me wrong, Stairway to Heaven is and always will be the greatest song ever, but I just can’t listen to seven minutes of the same song. This is why I have a hard time listening to Tool. I love the sound, but their songs are too damn long. I blame my short attention span more than the band, though. For sure.

So yeah, Rock=Awesome. Favorite Rock bands would have to be Shinedown, Disturbed, and System of a Down (Yes, I know they’re currently not together, but I can listen to Hypnotize millions of times and not get tired of it).

I like some rap groups, but I’m a rocker! No, I’m not totally a rocker, I also like Jazz, Pop, Folk, Clzssic music and many other genres. As a musician I can’t understand what’s the emo or j rock music? All of them take their beginning from rock. First man who played rock and invented poses which are used by metal teams nowadays is Chuck Berry! And all modern music goes from Beatles!
P.S.: But don’t forget about punk! It’s also awesome! Iggy Pop rulezzzz!!!

I listen to pretty much everything, but I voted for rock and punk.
…also… metal=rock? <_<?
While they can be similar, I think we can all agree that any metal that could be mistaken for rock is fairly soft metal. Punk and rock are a lot more similar in my mind.

Also, you guys are way too exposed to main stream rap. Try listening to some ‘underground’ rap and you might find something you like. Also, I freaking hate the current country genre. Every love song has to be slow, every song that’s not about love is about something totally unimportant. Blegh.
Cheesy can be good, but god damn. Excuse the horrible analogy, but if music was a body, country would make it constipated on a daily basis.

That said, I listen to country too, but it’s all either old country or folk-country.
Punk and rock are awesome (I’ll be listening to Blink-182 and Alkaline Trio until I die or go deaf), folk-rock is also awesome and underrated, when you mention that style of music people jump to really shitty and annoying mental images that make me want to stab them. (Will find a couple examples and link, hopefully I’ll find a decent Crooked Still song.)
Techno, obviously awesome… eh. We’ll leave it at I listen to everything.
Some favorite bands artists: Blink-182, Alkaline Trio, Motion City Soundtrack (Sorry, Tim, but I love their songs XD), Xavier Rudd, Ani Difranco, Deathcab for Cutie (y’all can suck it), Postal Service, Ben Folds (ftw), Smoosh, +44, Boxcar Racer, The Ataris, Heiruspecs, SR-71, Bowling for Soup, Boy Robot, John Butler Trio, Lemon Demon, etc.

Eh, didn’t find any good Crooked Still, but have some Ani instead:
Shy (Trippy video, I’m not sure if it’s an official or not.)

Edit: Oh, and rock and the Beatles go back to blues, which goes back to Jazz, so really… Jazz is where it started.

I think the beginnig is not jazz, but blues. Blues comes from slaves from Africa. Jazz goes later. Jazz is more complex music. Afros tried to compose songs like europeans, so we got blues. Blues was invented in early 30-s, jazz took int’s start near 50-s. Btw, Muddy Waters rulezzzzzzzzz!

Edit: Lsten to Sonny Boy Williamson’s songs(early 30-s).

hm, well… sorta. Blues first, then Jazz (slightly earlier than the fifties, first Jazz recording was in mid twenties or early thirties, and jazz was being played earlier than that), then blues came back.

and at some point during the fifties or so, the hihat was invented <3

…while I got a C in the class, history of jazz was one of the few classes I enjoyed last spring <_<
Heh… that book called the early blues “Soul Music” or something, for the sake of continuity… they didn’t want two chapters named “The Rise of the Blues” =P

edit: Come to think of it, every time they introduced something new in that book, it had to rise. “Rise of the blues,” “Rise of Jazz,” “Rise of Jazz in Europe,” “Rise of the Cool (of which the album Birth of the Cool complimented nicely),” “Rise of Scat,” “Rise of Big Band Jazz,” “Rise of-” blaaa bla bla. Repetitive book >_>

edit2: On a completely unrelated note, Rundas, if you put a J in your name somewhere, like RundasJackson45 or RundasJam45, you could shorten it to RJ45 instead of R45.

Yes I’m a nerd, yes those two names sound ridiculous, and yes I think it’d be worth it =3

I agree. Hihat? Yep, I agree! :smiley: Btw do you know that there were 2 bass drums used in Jazz in 50-s? Intersting fact indeed! :slight_smile:

Edit: Damn why there’s no jazz in the poll! Why, Rundas??? =(

Edit2: CloudVaris! Added you to MSN! Cheers! =)

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The edit button exists for a reason :slight_smile:

What kind of poll is this? Except rock/metal, all of these are shit. Add Techno, Soundtracks, and Fusion, please. =P

^^^^ My favorite rap song.

EDIT: Actually, this song is awesome too, partly cause the lyrics are all about old-school video games (It was released in the beginning of 2000).…homosapien.html

I also like the rap segments of some of the songs from Gorillaz’ Demon Days songs.

Also Outkast is awesome.
(You don’t get much more badass than “Leave the motherfucker open like a foyer!” >_>)
Though Outkast tends to be more than just rap. Hip hop I guess would be the proper term.

Anyway point is rap can be good.

Yeah…I suppose I can’t hate rap. I just hear it waaaayy tooooo much XP
And it won’t let me edit the poll itself, it just lets me edit my own post.

…lol, Retro… nice job. You managed to top the posts bashing rap. I don’t know whether to say you topped them in ignorance, closed-mindedness, or just being opinionated, but you topped them XD

As far as I’m concerned rap can go to hell

but as far as actual preferences are concerned I don’t even know where I fall, coz I like a number of different singles from artists that as a rule I don’t really like, but the artists I like are Metallica (but who doesn’t?) Iron Maiden, Breaking Benjamin, Dragonforce and The All American Rejects, so I really don’t know how to classify myself >_>

Welp, everyone seems to be listing off some artists and going into more depth, so why not.

@Cloud: I also very much enjoy Blink-182, Motion City Soundtrack, Deathcab for Cutie, and Postal Service :slight_smile:. MCS was a huge favorite of mine a couple years ago, and Blink-182 always brings back good memories for me.

The rest, I suppose I’ll post by “genre:”

Indie/Indie Rock: Silversun Pickups, Stars, Kashmir, Doves, Islands, The Unicorns, The Killers (mostly just Sam’s Town), The Album Leaf, Bright Eyes (not too much anymore), Mates of State, Kings of Convenience (not too much anymore), The Faint, Muse is alright, Ad Astra Per Aspera, Bloc Party, Broken Social Scene, mewithoutYou, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Jealous Sound/Knapsack

All Japanese: The Pillows (Rock), FACT (Metal/Hardcore), Shugo Tokumaru (Ambient/Indie), Motoro Faam (Ambient), Ryuichi Sakamoto. Pretty much like all of them equally, and generally more than most other bands.

Metal: Children of Bodom, Blind Guardian, Heavy Heavy Low Low, The Mars Volta, The Chariot, Auditory Aphasia, Foxy Shazam (xD), Showbread (not much anymore), Knights of the Abyss.

Punk & Other Rock Variations: Thrice, Operatic, AFI (older), Ryan Adams (the most country-esque thing I listen to), The Goo-Goo Dolls (on occasion), Tokyo Smash, A Perfect Circle. Linkin Park, From Autumn to Ashes, Chiodos, The Used, Letter Kills, Incubus, and Interpol are nostalgic, but I don’t listen to them anymore.

Other Ambient/Electronica & Etc.: Sigur Ros, Thom Yorke, Royksopp, Patrick Cohen, Milosh; Miles Davis, Gorillaz, Erlend Oye, The Cure, Andrew Bird, An Albatross.

Augghhh soo many. That was probably pointless to type up, but generally speaking, I most enjoy Indie Rock, Metal/Hardcore, Electronica/Techno & Synthesized in general, and Ambient music. VG music and VG remixes have been a big part of my playlist recently, as well.

That’s some good rap, Tim. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

@Syntax: That’s all rock/metal or punk. So there you go.