I honestly hate it so much. No, it isn’t for the fact that 90% of the songs are just shitty lyrics with a repetitive background, but the other 10% good lyrics and no good music.

Rap is poetry. When I want poetry, I read a book. When I want music, I expect an awesome, dramatic buildup of win and a good melody. Rap does not have buildups.

And I honestly disagree… I think you’re finding the wrong stuff to listen to, same with rap. Yes, SHITTY rap has no buildup, and sounds like a bunch of repetitive lyrics and synthesizer and crap vomited out of the speakers.
So this is how I shall sum that up: you’re listening to 100% crap, 90% shitty lyrics over a repetitive background and 10% good lyrics with also crappy background, and missing the good stuff entirely.
Time to Waste
You might still classify the lyrics as “shitty” (they’re not overly profound, I doubt they’ll get much of a response from you), but there’s a chance you’ll at least admit the music is good, which would at a whole new category to your previous generalization. =D

Rock on, Saber XD
Bright Eyes, though… the singers voice really bugs me. Kind of like if someone took the “wobbling sheet metal” noise and threw in a bunch of reverb. Too shaky for me.
I forgot to mention Goo Goo Dolls, All American Rejects, and Linkin Park… although Goo Goo Dolls is the only one on that list I could say is a “favorite.” Linkin Park lost my attention a long time ago, there’s much more awesome music out there with a less generic sound… and bands who don’t release the same songs over and over. There’s always a pattern to their albums (and by pattern, I mean two albums)… I believe it was song 6 on Meteora and another one of their older albums that sounded like they tried to do something techno, and then there’s always the song that starts with quiet guitar and then explodes. However, I still do and always will like the song that starts with the grainy recording and the drums, although it follows there “quiet then BOOM” formula.
All American Rejects… eh. I think I listened to them too much or something, I just got uninterested soon after I started listening to them <_< Top of the world is a cool song, though.

Edit: Fuckdammit, I just realized Retro’s post could’ve (and probably did) meant that rap is 90% shitty lyrics with a repetitive background and 10% good lyrics with shitty background. I still stand by what I said about finding the wrong music, but… blegh. My argument way ^^^^^^^^^^ up there just lost half its reasons to exist D=

Edit 2: Also, neither Breaking Benjamin nor the All American Rejects are metal, really <_< But all the things Syntax listed are definitely in the rock/metal group…

Cool, cool. Yeah, I actually liked the AAR at one point in time, but got sick of them pretty quickly.

Bright Eyes I don’t like so much anymore, but at the time I suppose a more sophisticated representation of my thoughts on his voice would have been “they are the vocal/audible embodiment of the mental and emotional desperation I sometimes feel.” Now the whole sound is just linked to bad memories, and his latest stuff hasn’t been as good anyways, so no more of that :stuck_out_tongue:.

Grainy recording, then drums… “Somewhere I Belong,” maybe? Anyways, yeah, Linkin Park, as I said, is something I don’t listen to so much anymore. I might for nostalgic reasons, but for those reasons alone. I’d agree that it was fairly generic. Have you heard anything off their latest album - “Minutes to Midnight,” I think it’s called? I believe they made a few unusual change-ups in that album. They released it so far after their first though that I was no longer so much of a fan, and pretty much lost interest :stuck_out_tongue:. Listened to all of the album maybe one time around, and was done.

Yeah, I’ve heard two of the songs. I liked the alterations, a slow song from them is a nice change (although all the big fans are pissed, lol. “SLOW SONGS AREN’T LINKIN PARK GRAAARGH!!” At least we can say they didn’t sell out to their fans XD)
The other song… was another song that sounds the same as all their other stuff. They did a considerably good job sounding like they always do, but… it still sounded like a song I’ve heard a hundred times <_<

The beginning was so beautiful… only to shatter my hopes with a loud, burst of drums. I am crying.

Also, that’s metal, not rap. O_O

That’s not metal <_< >_>
lol, they consider themselves a punk band… but I guess that’s one of their… eh… heavier songs?
Note the edit =P I realized you meant rap was repetitive and such… not… never mind <_< <-- my latest favorite song

And Legion of Boom is my latest favorite album, but it looks like a lot of Crystal Method was attacked by copyright holders or some shit? I find it hard to believe no one’s bothered to upload some of their stuff.
Actually this song (off that album) might be my new favorite song.

I was gonna post this in the techno topic but I’m not sure if the first one qualifies.

Ok…Ive fallen…Im listening to rap right now. Fort Minor. Only cuz Mike Shinoda is rapping. Linkin Park ftw

This kid listens to Death Metal. YOu know, the kind of music where you have to look up the lyrics just to understand them? As I Lay Dying, Underoath, All That Remains the good stuff. I’m not a fan of rap, but thats your choice to listen to crap. Music is like candy. You have to get rid of the rappers.

Blink-182 reunited, mother fuckers! <3

Edit: Aaaashes, we had the rap discussion on, like, pages 1 and 2. Go catch up.

…My option is not up there.

Protip: Death Metal is the only objectively bad genre.

Protip: Music is opinion, but if you get to close, someone’s gonna clock you with their double bass pedal.

Protip2: Metroid should be a genre.

I’m a drummer. I listen to stuff thats fast, and challenging. I like a good challenge, and Death Metal does that for me. Also, Bullet for My Valentine is awesome too. Anybody listen to Metroid Metal? (or is that completely redundant to ask?) Cuz, Stemage is some good musikz.( I spelled that wrong on purpose)

I’m also a drummer (punk drummer), and frankly all the metal drummers I know are wimps, at least when it comes to bass. Their precious double bass saves them from ever having to actually work their legs, which results in their foot moving pathetically slower than mine.
Aaaand my objections to double bass are twofold. I hate the sound of CONSTANT double bass throughout a song. Double bass, in my opinion=good for fills, good in a beat when used SPARINGLY and based on a solid beat with the hands, not used constantly with a lame beat with the hands based on the double bass.
Which actually brings me to my THIRD objection regarding double bass. The players I know, while able to do some fairly fast fills with their hands, have shitty shitty stamina. Since what laughable work they DO put into drumming goes into their double bass and their fills, they don’t actually have any stamina or sustained speed with their arms/hands/wrists. They just… can’t keep up with me =/

Note that these are all based on my (and my ex band’s) experience with metal drummers, and I’m sure there are exceptions. Or maybe the pathetic metal drummers around here are the exceptions… all I know is that the “speed metal” players couldn’t keep up with me if they suddenly lost their double bass.
My ex band went through a number of metal drummers after I quit, and none of them had the stamina to get through our medium speed stuff. Finally they gave up and settled on one and worked him every day for three weeks until he could do it (Yeah, I quit a month before a show…), and then dropped him as soon as they played the show since he was a d-bag and had absolutely no rhythm anyway. (…and yes, I know that HE, at least, was an exception <_< I’ve never seen such a terrible drummer trying to pass himself off as great.)

And that is why I have a vendetta against double bass. Or at least newbie drummers flocking to the double bass because they don’t have the patience to work up their speed properly. Endrant.

Also, fast=/=hard.
P.S., yes, I love stemage.

…What about Orchestral? That beats everything. Especially those video game concerts.

I bet some marching band people can kick your ass for hand technique >.>

Ernie, too, can kick your ass.

Oh, Tim, I have absolutely zero doubt about that <_<;;;
Hand technique, hand SPEED, blarg.
I wanted to join marching band for that reason, but living in a small town killed that possibility. And I’m afraid to join a college marching band, considering I have zero experience with it from highschool… but I might just check it out anyway.

0_0 Ernie>Animal??!

Cloud: Join, it’s fun. It’s also relatively easy to learn, unless their drum line is like ours…

Phlakes: Agreed, that was my opinion too.

Referring to Cloud’s last post on page 2 (at least on my settings lol), I also heard that Blink 182 is back together. People put flyers up in my school. I lol’d. But Blink 182 is good.

Also, on a more relevant note, I agree with Cloud. Although I only know, like, 4 beats on the drum because my buddy taught me them, I’m sure my buddy would agree with Cloud. He moved onto Double Bass only AFTER he could play at the same speed with a single bass pedal. No easy task, I would assume. My friend also put a shit load of time into his hands. IMO, you haven’t lived until you’ve seen him drum.

I’ll send my friend a message on myspace or something, see if he can’t record his drumming on youtube (audio and video. He’s a video freak). I’ll give you guys the link if I get one. :stuck_out_tongue:

OH, btw, I like jazz too. I’ll never get tired of listening to a guy wailing on a Trumpet or a guy pouring his soul into a Saxophone.

I don’t have a double bass pedal, but I am a total metal head. Cloud, I respect your dislike of double bass, and that’s as far as I’m going to pursue it. I’m fairly good at the drums. I watch the greats, like Steve Gadd, Dave Weckl, Vinni Calloita (or however you spell that) so, I’m not totally a metal head. I listen to jazz, and classic rock. Steely Dan, Kansas, Yes, Rush. I’m more diverse than I originally stated.