MW2: FotYE

Welcome to the Modern Warfare 2: Fail of the Year Edition discussion.

Basically, COD6:MW2 sucks so much on PC that it’s funny.
90% of pre-orders have been canceled. That is a LOT of lost money.

Features compared to the original Modern Warfare:

i lol’d

Heh, read this:

Last one made me lol. I give it a month before pirates have cracked dedicated servers into the game.

aww but piracy’s so fun xD

Piracy is such a BS excuse.

I like what Zurg said.

I only own a 360 myself, but with that comparison, I see FAIL written all over it. Meta critic for 360 gave it a 96, but the public gave it a 5.3 Nuff said.

PC port fail:

Yes, that’s on the PC version. The PC manual also talks about Xbox crap.


So glad I got it for the 360.

… This is all a joke, right? Right? >____>

EDIT: Did a bit of Googling, and Zurg is correct. It’s hard to believe they’d do this to the PC gamers, an absolute disgrace on all levels. I’ve NEVER seen this before:

How many of those people who wrote the reviews played the game?

Anyway I was surprised that they practically released a console game on the PC, though things Activision pressures their devs to do are disgusting, it’s all about money, dedicated servers cost a lot to maintain, “want mods? too bad we can’t profit from them.” Its all Activision’s fault, in their attempt to prove once again that they can do stuff like this, outspoken people are a minority, a fair few people bought it on PC.
On a happier note, I’ve been playing the 360 version and couldn’t be happier, unless Assassins Creed 2 can do something mind bogglingly awesome, I think I’ve found my GoTY

Here’s the thing:
DEDICATED SERVERS ARE RUN BY THE COMMUNITY. It wouldn’t cost them a penny to support them.

This is why they need to stop worrying about piracy. It happens anyway. trust me I have tones of anti piracy games. Oh well… (shouldn’t have said that >_>)

I’m definitely pirating this shit out of pure spite as soon as I can.

Lol Everyone should.

Uhh I’m a CIA agent and unfortunatly I can’t allow you to do that xD

Don’t. If you do, that allows them to use the BS piracy excuse to not launch any more PC games.

Someone hacked a dedicated server thing using a hacked developer console, so yeah, just buy it, the game is AWESOME!!

But if we buy it, they won’t get the point that we want this stuff. So just play MW1.

My point is that MW2 is a far superior game, feature lacking be damned, and if you really are bitching about the lack of leaning then you’re just being a crybaby, and most of the ‘bad’ things that they did were because they genuinely thought that that would make the game better off for it.

Additionally, bad news, “officially supported” mods and a real console command won’t come, why? because Activision really wants to push paid DLC on you guys, like everyone does to the 360 and PS3 guys.