MW2: FotYE

Fine by me.

And THAT is why I refuse.

P2P Servers have been tried before and have failed. IW did a better job, but there are unintended consequences:
-If 1 server goes down, you can’t play online (check the PS3). With dedicated servers, if 1 goes down, nobody notices except whoever is running it.
-When MW3 comes out, or IW gets tired of hosting, they shut down MP and there is nothing you can do about it.

IW Isn’t trying to make a good game anymore. They’re just trying to get more money. That’s all they are doing now. Cutting costs, making it harder for us to do things so that they don’t get paid. And no dev tools? Come on. Have you guys seen the dev tools for Dragon Age Origins? It’s so in depth and awesome, you could make the effing sequel using them. Can’t post a link cause I’m at school, but just look it up. You’ll be amazed what Bioware did.

And, on top of removing every feature we like, they jacked up the price. WTF?

I told you. Their trying to make money. If you can make your own content, paid DLC isn’t going to exist. Someone will just see a few screens, and make it right then and there. It’s all about feeding the big machine now. Not about making awesome games.

Stop bashing IW, it’s ACTIVISION!!!

as to the server thing, IW honestly thinks this is a good idea, the best example of why this woks is most games on the 360, though what I don’t get is why they didn’t just use Live, since servers don’t go down.

How long ago did this come out? Piracy prevention my ass.


PS fuck 'em

the PC version ‘box’ came out on the 10th, the steam ‘version’ launched on the 12th

yay roms!

You can get the 360 version free. :smiley:

Heh… And to think I’m doing a project against piracy for school…

Lol nice. Ethics 0, Fun 1.

why would you do that

For a good grade?

Zurg has good point. Much good point.

Intellectual property rights can be dumb. Say you patent a technology but are very inefficient at producing said product. The patent prevents a competetor who can make the product much more efficiently from coming in and reducing the price of the product. However, there are some things which should be copyrighted, like games and movies. Why would anyone ever produce those kinds of things again if people could get them for free and it was legal?

Try again:
IWnet, not ACTIVISIONnet.

Wolfenstein, which was also published by Activision just recently, has dedicated servers.

Plus, the developer makes decisions like this, not the publisher.

I never said that IWnet was Activisions fault, I said that no mods/no console was their fault RMFP