MW2: FotYE

That’s still IWs fault.

Once again, Wolfenstein has Mod tools and a console.

And that’s a dev issue not a publisher issue. Publishers really don’t do jack squat when it comes to actually making the game.

Yeah. You think everything that has “Microsoft game studios” They helped with? nope. They didn’t. Not with Mass Effect, Halo, or anything else really.

Same with EA and all of it’s publishings (aka Crysis).

All they do is hand the devs a check, and tell them when to release the game.

Activision IS responsible for the no mod tools, why? because they know that they can get away with this with CoD



Seriously, just because IW has been good in the past doesn’t mean jack squat. Greed has corrupted them, just like everyone else. IF they could get away with it, they would have done it on a no-name title, namely Wolfenstien.

Lets just wait and see that Treyarch does next. Who knows? They might redeem this mistake of a game. Activision can have something to do with it Zurg. Since they control the money flow, they can make demands of the devs.

Yeah but they are too lazy. And I did show evidence, if you look a few posts up.

No, Acivision IS responsible for there being no mods, because they want to push paid map packs onto your laps, like they do with us, so they told IW not to make officially supported mod tools.

@UTA: rumor has it that Treyarch is making a Vietnam game.

I posted 2 items of proof. Back your claim up somehow please.

And it’s also IW that benefits from map packs, as from what I know, Publishers get sales only from games, not from DLC.

you obviously haven’t been keeping up with how Activision as a publisher works. IW has no right to publish these maps without Activision’s support, activision makes like 2 bucks on every $10 pack sold on Xbox Live, so I imagine it won’t be much different here.

Well I’ve kept up that EVERY FPS they have launched has had an editor.

there I’m not talking about the editor, I’m talking about the rights to CoD, anyway Wolfenstein wasn’t guaranteed to be a bestseller despite any bollocks they pulled, CoD was so they knew they could get away with it, and they have, the PC version has still sold record amounts, despite the outspoke opponents of the game.

Actually it sold like crap on PC…

And despite being sold out on consoles, any store that sells the PC version has slews. It’s awesome.

in the US, i can’t find it anywhere in Calgary

Every PC gamer at my school didn’t get it. Nobody wanted to. They said that they were getting ripped and gimped for it.

If a game is for PC and something else, I get it for something else. I am NOT a PC gamer because it tends to put games to shame with it’s awkwardness. Plus you need a decent graphics card, and all that shit…Modern Warfare 2 will get game of the year for PS360 because A. Nothing better is being shown to come out and B. It is absolutely wonderful <3

Yeah I know its great. We’re not debating that. The PS360 versions are perfect. Besides the fact that its just a rehash of all the other games with a few more bells on it, and that apparently makes it spectacular. We’re debating the PC version, and how they gimped us all because its so much more inflexible than CoD4. We’re debating who’s fault it is. Cause nobody really knows.

I’m glad I never decided to get a high tech Pc and join the gaming crew on there. xD Thank M$ for xbox. :stuck_out_tongue: Still a shame for Pc gamers though.

Yes, thank MS for the XBox, where no game has the wonderful array of things PC gamers often enjoy, like public servers and mods.


welcome back from the grave :O_O: