My artwork

She’s a work of true beauty!..YES! :clap:


i lol’d

You want to know how to sprite, right?

he didn’t say that… he already knows how to sprite by his standards :stuck_out_tongue:

CG is Rundas’s friend ;D

Visor and gun are green. >_>

Other than that, Hooah! :smiley:>

Yeah, he lives across the street from me. Don’t worry Pom I know what I’m talkin about xD

heh… i dont know anyone from my neighborhood.

theres nobody to know in my neighboorhood xD

Dude. You fucking rock. That crap is awesome!

i know, right
freakin amazing, man

best piece of art…EVAR

at first i thought she was smiling but it was a visor… its the CMC thing all over again lol


And +123123121541544145one34214 for best piece of art ever.

That…is by far the most epic win I’ve ever seen.

Btw, I love your av, Combustable (I guess we’re calling you CG lol)

i usually call him The Goat

The Goat it is.

I love your av, The Goat. That’s, like, the third time I’ve said it, but seriously. I love it. It’s funny.