My computer beeps

Anyway, it turns out that quite often when i run a video file conversion on my computer (such as from .rmvb to Xvid .avi, or applying filters to a video file and converting it) my computer starts to beep. It doesn’t sound like POST beeps though, and i’m wondering what the cause of them is. The sound is coming from inside my tower as opposed to from my speakers. I tried saving the files to both of my hard drives so I don’t think my hard drives are the problem… As far as I know, encoding video files is the only time this happens. HALP!


There should be an option in the BIOS to turn them off, and possibly elsewhere too.

FFS Dude! That’s your PC speaker!

I just said they WEREN’T the same as POST beeps… but i guess it still could be my internal speaker…

It’s actually a wormhole that is triggered every time you run a video conversion, which releases demons into the world that trap the souls of baby fetuses that are still in the womb, so that Satan can rise his army of little demon babies, thus causing the apocalypse.

Or, I guess it could be your PC speaker. Maybe. :>_>:

My theory is that it’s the PC speakers growling of hunger. Best fix is to cut a piece of salami into a disk shape, stick it in the CD drive, and voila! The salami wil be shredded everywhere inside the computer, feeding your PC speakers.

But salami is already in a disk shape…

I think he said “disk”, not “dick”. A salami is more of a dick shape.

Good day.

I was thinking that, but didn’t want to say anything.

No, you have to cut a cicle in the center to mount it, and it’s a good idea to trim the edges.
So you DO have to cut it.

I meant pre-packaged salami-


Pom, we no longer care about your computer. Now it’s all abot the salami!

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