My faith in humanity

As we speak (er, type/read), there is a Fred movie in production. I know Hollywood has made some terrible, revolting decisions before but… this…? How?

Excuse my ignorance, but what exactly is Fred? Besides the name of many males around the planet, of course. :stuck_out_tongue:


A Youtube celebrity douche who does dumb shit for about three minutes and then edits his voice to be a couple octaves higher.

not THAT douche

fuck, man

Yes, that douche.

we must crush this


Get everyone you know to 0 star spam it when ratings are available. Let’s see how far down in the bottom 100 we can get it.

Who would fund such an abomination of human rights? Amnesty international has been trying to assasinate Fred for months now, and then THIS?!

This is why I have no faith in the movie industry and generally ignore that it exists. If an awesome movie comes along, great. But between those movies, if I actually cared about the movie industry, reading things like this would just be too painful.

(And I can tell you why: Fred gets a shit ton of views and a shit ton of subscribers. Thus, someone things it will get a shit ton of money for them. Whoever’s doing it, I can tell you they probably don’t care too much whether the movie turns out to be good or not.)

and people wonder why I watch anime instead of tv and movies >_>

Whenever people ask me that, I tell them to watch Fooly Cooly and they’ll understand why. They don’t bug me about it too much after that ^^

…Or even talk to me all that much, for that matter…

hey did someone yawn that yawn yawn? because yawn yawn the yawn yawn yawn yawn

it’ll be released, it’ll be a fad, it’ll fade to obscurity
w/e, just ignore it


Hell, I don’t even know who this guy is. :stuck_out_tongue:


also FLCL is the one anime i FORCE my friends to watch :slight_smile:

And here i am thinking that FLCL is pretentious dross right up there with eva >_>

I force my friends to watch Code Geass :slight_smile:

i love FLCL

also Rozen Maiden, Hellsing, FMA, Haruhi, Gurren Lagann, etc etc etc

im cosplaying as Kyon this weekend
even got a ringtone of his sister saying “Kyon-kun denwa!”

Gurenn Lagann is so very much win!

have you been watching FMA Brotherhood at all?

just FYI guys, saying that there’s something wrong with the way “the movie industry” makes movies is like saying there’s something wrong with the way “the book industry” writes literature
it’s not like it’s one fucking dude writing all the screenplays

I personally said that I tend to ignore the movie industry in general and cited the idiots that write bad screenplays as the reason why (sorta)… although it’s got more to do with the fact that I’m just not interested.

But for the record, the same can be said about any generalization, like it’s not like it’s one fucking politician lying/scheming/etc, or it’s not just one game designer writing mediocre FPS games with little to no original story and terribly bland gameplay.
Of course it’s not just one fucking dude, it’s a generalization about an industry. Statement about the general mindset/trends of the big-money productions, etc.