My first Dark Suit sprites

here the first sprites the dark suit.]dark suit 1

Ah no it to small dang it. :huh: I trie to fix it.

here it is bigger i hope.

dark suit bigger versoin

Its to small still :smiling_imp: :imp:

gj, legs little small though…

It was my first sprites i need to fix the legs but dose the upper part look good :sweat:

Here it is with lager legs.

Dark suit sprites 4

Better…Put it throught Photoshop And Improve it. not critisising, just saying to get it real good.

I will have it up mabye tomorrow.

1–Using Photoshop will not improve a sprite. Photoshop spriting is n00bish and tries to make up for lack of skill with fancy effects. Don’t listen to him about that.

2–Uh… that’s pretty bad in any case… it’s REALLY disproportionate. Nice colors, but one shoulder is way bigger than the other, the arms are all off, the whole thing lacks balance…

Edit: Whoah. Just saw your “update”.

That is not in any way a sprite. That’s just… I don’t even know what that is. Why would you use the airbrush tool for a sprite outline?

Why are you so negitave to me dazzy?

I’m negative to anyone who posts things undeserving of positive credit. As I said in your other topic… Screw it, I’ll just copy-paste.

“Besides, positive comments don’t help you get better. Only by fixing your weaknesses can you improve–and negative commentary helps pinpoint what to fix.”

Not to mention, that thing breaks the ‘spriting rules’ in so many ways, there’s nothing good TO say…

I will fix it to look like a sprites and it was my first sprites, so I am getting use to it.

maybe for some computer art, its alright, but sprites are usually made in paint with the pencil tool, not paintbrush tool.

A pencil tool :confused: I will used that.

I would like to point out that the Samus sprites for Genesis are now much better, thanks to Dazuro’s critisism of her clunky walking animation.

Just 'cause someone says something needs work doesn’t mean they won’t eventually like it, if you work at it.

Here a new one I did and the shouders are not as biggir than each other.


Better, but still bulky and disproportionate…

Also, NEVER use neon green for anything, and that red is way too bright. Edit some colors to get your shades.