My New Mission

I feel that my inherit boredom and odd amounts of sporadic free-time gives me a certain degree of lackness in posting potential. So, henceforth, I will post at speeds seen only in CandyManCriminal scenarios. (Given I have the time that particular day.) In telling you this, I am reaching out a tentacle of embrace and asking, simply:

“Will you join me, brothers in tentacular muscular hydrostats, in my quest of posting?”

I shall join, if only to spite CMC’s massive post count. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just to note, (and to increase posts/replies) I am not reaching a “tentacle” in all technicality, because octopuses have no tentacles. Rather, they have eight arms, whereas squids and cuttlefish have eight arms, two tentacles. The difference between arms and tentacles is their length and use. So, tentacles are larger appendages than arms.

I still win.

It’s true, you do. :stuck_out_tongue:

words cannot describe how much you win

My fingers type yes, but my brain says “I’ll be lurking again in two weeks.”

I will join you in your quest of posting.

Heh. I can multi-post. AND YOU CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

Oh and I can delete your posts too. :stuck_out_tongue:

that would be mean

and would leave people in despair

That…that’s horrible, Zurg.

And I know what you mean, Varis. I’m hoping my current activity stays where it is. :smiley:

I use too many smileys.

Quick, somebody call an admin on Zurg’s ass!
(If such legendary creatures exist.)


I hold the power of deleting Spartan VS Samus. That’s like… thousands of posts you will loose. Better yet I can edit post count. :wink:

The horror!

I do believe a regime change should be put into effect. The power’s gone to Zurg’s head.

I am in despair, Zurg’s apparently oppressive regime has left me in despair!!

Zurg didn’t need an apparently oppressive regime to leave me in despair.


you keep up?
that would require my funeral, unfortunately for you i CANNOT DIE!

Wait, we can use Zurg’s oppressive regime to our advantage! Quick, Zurg, make CMC’s post count negative. DOOOO EET.