My pic

Can someone help me? I’m new to these forums and I don’t know how to post artwork.

Oh. No wonder. still, it’s better to recolor with multiple shades.

@raven: Use, and upload the file. ALWAYS save it as a PNG before you upload it. NEVER JPEG!!!

Start your own spriting topic (only one) in this section, and we’ll comment on your stuff.

if i could lock this,i would

wow… thats a really bad pic, no offence… all u did was paste some random sprites in there, then used ctr+i

u could try doing something better >.>

and no offence, but that bump was retarded…

Not really relevant, since this is an ancient topic. Bumping ancient topics isnt really important either, but seeing as how you’ve already done so, this will probably be locked anyway.

Lock request, topic locked. >_>