My Rips/Sprites

New Rip from SM:

My homemade sprites are listed below:

Well, I ripped a few sprites from SM…here’s some of them below…

Please give credit if used.

nice rips! very good the way you spaced them

Lol, thanks. As soon as I need more sprites for MO I’m going to start ripping some more. I’ll post those up too. Lol, and again, feel free to use them…

You don’t really have to give credit to me. But just don’t claim them as your own!

They’re good rips, but though i think the ship has already been done (not all the sprites though).

Are you going to use those in metroid overdrive?Oh yeah you are.

Yeh, the actual ship was ripped, but I need the animated version of it, so I ripped it myself.

Yeh, lol.

Not to double post, but I have another sprite added…sorry people.

Lol, I can’t help but notice that coffee cup on your “desktop” picture. Compared to the other things perspective wise, it looks like it’s on its side but miraculously not spilling. Good overall though.

You can’t double post. Course that’s common knowledge, but I guess it’s because you want people to know that there is a new sprite there, since editing doesn’t make the thread appear new in the main screen, right?

lovin’ the mini keyboard :slight_smile:

btw gold leader, dp’ing is legal if its 1] an update (in this case) or 2] passed 3 days.

Yeh, I just dp to update, nothing wrong with that ^_^. And the keyboard pic is old. I just posted it just cuz. I don’t like it anymore really. One of my origional sprite thingies.

I’ll have to ask a mod about that, HP. The first time I double posted like that was in my image thread, for an update, and I still got docked for it.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an update or not, what matters is how important the second post is and when it was posted.

If it’s been over 3 days, it’s fine as long as it doesn’t break other rules (eg. if it’s just bump, or other spam). If it’s maybe 2.5 days but you have some important news, it’s bending the rules, but we mods probably won’t bother doing anything about it as long as it’s important enough (though you should probably just wait the 12-ish hours unless it’s really that urgent).

But if it’s only been 2 hours and you’re just updating because you made one sprite, all it does is pointlessly take up space in the topic, and it’s really against the rules. I won’t do anything about it this time since it’s first-offense (for me, at least–I’m a new mod, so everything seems like a first-offense =P) and there’s some confusion. Just don’t do it again, okay?

And Gold Leader, I just went through your topic and didn’t see anybody talking about the few double-posts you did, but there were a lot of deleted posts here and there. Could it have just been a few members mini-modding and telling you not to do that, who later got those posts deleted?

Back on topic for the rest of you, only Gold Leader has my permission to post about double-posting here.

No, I’m very sure that a mod (can’t remember which one) told me that I “shouldn’t double post.” I’m betting that his warning, and my double post, were promptly deleted. It was a first-offense for me too, so I didn’t recieve an actual warning.

Double posts are fine to update.

Meh, I’m just stricter than Daz, I guess. <___<

Back onto the discussion of Outrage’s sprites and such, then.

as already said, the cup is very odd…

…how did you rip them? (talking, thus no problem here, also, if needed you can tell me in pm if you would like)

im guessing he used an emulator, removed all the layers 'cept the one with the ship, then just took screenies or soemthing liek that… right?

Well, in the options of most emulators, as the one I used too, you can set a Path for screenshots. I made it so the shortcut key for a screenshot is the space bar. I then just removed the layers except the layer of whatever I wanted to rip. Then I pressed space rapidly, realy fast, or w/e. Then I just edited all of the images it saved in paint. :smiley:

I did a lot more, but none of them saved properly, so I’ll have to redo them. Once I have a ton, I’ll make some sort of spritesheet, and I’ll probably send them into a few Sprite sites, esspessially my favorite spritesite: the spriters resource (pwnage)…

…um…just a quick question…

since you seem to know about screenshots and all, i have been taking WOW screenshots, where would i most likely find them?

prolly in ur C:/Program Files/World of Warcraft/

or C:/Program Files/World of Warcraft/screenshots

or something like that ^^