My shift keys won't work.

Both shift keys on my laptop have stopped working. I can’t figure out why.
It’s not “Sticky Keys”, it’s not “Serial Keys”, it’s none of those. I’ve tried cleaning under them, I’ve done all the tips and tricks I could think of or find on Google, but still nothing…

It’s actually really frustrating, so much in fact that I hardly use the laptop anymore, it’s sitting there collecting dust…

Can anyone think of something that would fix this?

so you think a tiny community of less than 10 active members will have more ideas than a huge search engine? huh…

Maybe you’ve just got some amusing malware. Do virtual shift keys work? (ie from the On-Screen Keyboard)

Pom, people like DeProg still come here so perhaps he can get help.

also DeProg may be on to something just do a comprehensive scan using all you’re scanners (i.e. virus, spyware etc.)

Does CapsLock work? Can you activate StickyKeys despite not being able to capitalize letters? I don’t have any ideas for fixing it, but a few more answers might trigger something in someone smarter’s brain. :stuck_out_tongue:

Daz’s neighbors yard got pwned.

Go away, Zurg.

Yeah, Pomegranate, one-on-one human-to-human help is superior to sifting through millions of unrelated search results from Google.

I assume StickyKeys is a virtual method, too (and I don’t see any way I could be wrong there :stuck_out_tongue:). I might write a quick program for you to download, Infinity’s End, to see if the computer even detects you pressing shift, but there are other ways to test that. I highly doubt both your shift keys broke.

Yeah, On-Screen Keyboard works, I can not activate Sticky Keys though, it’s like those two keys just died. It’s very strange…
No, no viruses. (Scanned with Avira, Nod32, and Ad-Aware.) I’ve looked through background programs to see if there is any program that may be the cause. Nada. The Keys are all in perfect condition. And it’s BOTH shift keys that stopped working at the same time.

Here’s another strange thing.
Early on when this problem started I found a solution on the Ubuntu forums. They said to hold down both Shift Keys for five seconds and they would work again, and they did! I had to do this occasionally for a couple weeks, then that trick stopped working.

I’m currently trying to find a way to make my CapsLock key work as a Shift key.

I could probably write up a quickie program to let you use caps lock as sticky keys. It’s Windows XP or older, right? :stuck_out_tongue: (And would you rather have to hold it or press-on-press-off?)

XP yeah, and holding it is fine.

Ehehe. Making caps lock itself not affect the shifting is proving difficult. Should’ve just made it a toggle. :slight_smile: But anyway, here ya go! (Press Control+F9 to close the program at any time.)

And I went ahead and made one that locks on/off…but I realized I have to turn off caps lock automatically anyway or else you’d never be able to make capital letters.

Nope, shift keys are not detected.