My sprites(New DS)

heres DS Almost done…

Heres Light suit ZM style

Here is the echo suit zm, which is going to be in my game. i dont know who made the original GS.

and heres the ing cloud…

more to come…i hope

None of your first three links work, and the ing cloud … um… is just a bunch of spraypaint blobs.

fixed it

Good but, the Ing Cloud still look like blobs to me.

lol it kinda supposed to be…lol its a cloud…

Now it’s just colorful spraypaint…

And are those just color edits of the ZM suit? Because if people’s spriting ability were based on them, I’d be one of the best spriters in the world…

Darksuit needs more detail then just a couple blue dots, or blobs of blue dots in places… it’s not just all black. As a matter of fact, if it’s the one from the game, it shouldn’t even be black…

the second and third are zm edits, the DS one i did from scrap. took me awile to get the figure form, and yes it needs more work…lol

It’s pretty good.

thanks, i try…

Did you make any tint’s of the black on DS? I can’t really tell…

Plus, I’m too lazy to copy/paste it to paint… >_>

I have a feeling that that Dark Samus
sprite was made by someone else…w
I think someone working on METROID: NET MISSION
devoloped that DS sprite. I could be wrong though >_>


compares the sprites

There’s no way it could be just a coincidence that Prime’s DS sprite matches our Net Mission DS sprites perfectly, with just a very slight color change.

slap Prime, how many times have you been told not to steal other people’s sprites?! :angry: Is this a hard concept to understand? Make sprites yourself, or you will just get in big trouble. If sprites really aren’t your thing, try something else, instead of attempting to impress us with work that is not yours. I’m beginning to doubt even the light suit and echo suit are yours either.

Now, I would like a mod or admin to please remove the DS sprite from Prime’s post, and also the other ones if those turn out not to be his, too. Any further punishment can be up to that mod or admin (though I suggest a warning until his behavior improves)

Oh, and thank you, Dragon, for pointing that out. I wouldn’t have noticed it otherwise.

Stolen sprites? I think that’s an instant ban anyway. Seeing as he’s a repeat offender, a spammer, and in general an absolute moron, I’d be glad to ban him finally. Thanks for the excuse. -_-