My two first sprites:)

im on my way to make a new sprite but i dotn know which sprite i can use to make my ownXD i mean i think its hard to find good sprites.

… Are you just acting like this for humor or are you just dense? The concept of making your own sprites means to not USE a base, dammit.

Actually, I find a base helps with humanoid sprites. That way, you don’t spend hours on proportion. But beyond said proportion… don’t copy.

Hey, edits have their merits. I use them often and just work over them.

But that’s not the point. Everyone didn’t say “find a sprite and edit it”, they said “make your own”. And he said “okay, I’ll make my own”. Then he promptly looks for a base to edit.


Reminds of a guy I know at school that steals sprites off the internet and uses them without giving credit to the maker. I could’ve sworn I saw the Phazon Beam cannon on one of his “pieces of art.”

thats not very nice…

that guy is stupid then. it’s like when someone stole my ruler, they were stupid enough to show me the next day and say “hey, guess what my dad just bought me”. that guy is r******d (i don’t know if we are allowed to say stuff like Daz.). <-----
that good work :smiley:

Since when is recoloring a sprite then lying about it to call it an edit anything commendable?

i see what you mean, i thourght he re-drew kinda, it not re-coulord it…
i just mesured it up and itis egsactly the same size of gravity suit, …
it aint a proper recolour ether i dont think, caus if u try to put the coulours back on it properly, it looks awfull.
but still, keep trying;D

I made one it was quite a job((i think:) ))first i negatived it and then i cut the canon pasted it upside down.then i had to make a half armpad and then i was finished:) hope u like it cuz this time i didnt just recolor!
I call it Negative samus…


yes we’re all very impressed u took a zero mission sprite, turned the power beam to point up, and inverted the colors. Let’s see, I could probably do that in like 2 minutes in photoshop if i was slow.

Wow…and I thought I was bad…

Two minutes in Photoshop? Ten seconds in Paint is more like it.

Box tool–select gun–CTRL+R–180?–move it–ctrl+a–ctrl+i.
There, done.

Commend you for not recoloring it? AHAHAHAHA. Yes, because naturally hitting ctrl+i takes more effort than manually choosing colors and editing them.

errrmmmm… it took me like 10 minutes… :blush:

Yeah, I wouldn’t have said that :sweat: . Now Daz is just gonna laugh his ass off at you. :stuck_out_tongue:

No. That would be unprofessional.


Still, man, that’s kinda pathetic… how can it take you ten minutes to push three buttons and slide a selection up a few pixels?

it is pretty easy to do that. and i would usually laugh my ass off it was my friend (as in, very personal friend. not that ur not my friend [cuz evryone is], but i don’t really know u), but i won’t laugh at u.

Whoa. And I though I was bad at spriting. :wink: