So remember how the MS fanboys were all like ‘Nintendo sucks’ when the Wii-mote was revealed? Well MS showed their version of it off at E3, and the same fanboys are raving over it as the best gaming invention ever.

Amazing, isn’t it.

how stupid and ignorant people are?

im not surprised

Uh, links? names? I don’t know what i’m looking for here.

Thread name. Just youtube natal.

Ah, there we go.

I don’t think those are actual games playing on the screen. I bet the actual thing will involve some sort of gear.
NATAL sports! yeah! Now, you can suck at soccer in virtual life too!

Probably. And it will probably get delayed to the Xbox 720, and come to PC as a ‘Windows 7 only’ thing.

I’ve been saying the exact same thing to my friends IRL. Irony, huh?

But yeah, Natal looks impressive, but it doesn’t take much to look impressive.

So, what I’ve found out about it so far basically consists of common sense. Slated for 2010 release, supposed to have facial and voice recognition, etc.

The issue I find with this is that they (and Sony, btw) are trying to compete with Nintendo in the “Blue Ocean Market”, as Mr. Iwata put it in his press conference. The problem I foresee is that Nintendo already has a hold on this market, and the Wii is considerably cheaper compared to the other consoles, making it the first choice for many of those Blue Ocean consumers.

I applaud Sony and Microsoft for the effort, however. Effort uselessly spent, but effort nevertheless.

And now that they have a hold on that market, they are starting to make advances in the core market too.

I think Natal is retarded personally.
@si: X360 arcade is actually cheaper than a Wii
I personally think that while its blatant that Sony is saying "throw out your Wii and buy a PS3 with the ‘wand’ while Microsoft is doing something different so as to co-exist with the Wii rather than directly compete with it. I mean Sony’s attitude towards the competition was revealed when Hirai made the infamous speach about

That really proves Sony’s game, but Microsoft has always been marketing their console as a co-star to Wii, you have Wii your casual console and the 360, your core console. To me, given that, Natal seems like a dumb move.

Problem: This will probably retail for $100-150 more than the console. That makes it more than the Wii by a long shot.

I also bet it has some major flaw at launch. Read: Zune, first 9 designs of the 360 motherboard, XP, Vista, probably windows 7 as well. They don’t exactly have a stellar track record.

i thought XP launched well, besides, the Xbox 1 launched pretty well, (apart from the disk drive and that was resolved pretty quickly, not to mention it wasn’t much of a problem)

furthermore, in 2010 the technology will be cheaper, its only like 2 cameras and a mic inside a sensor bar clone anyway. I think the ‘wand’ will be more expensive since you need to buy a PS eye and the wand.

XP launched to worse reviews than Vista.

And I’m not saying tech won’t be cheap, but this won’t. M$ will want as much $$$ as they can get, and after sales drop the price will drop to a half-decent price.

I didn’t think a launch could be worse than vista’s >_>

I essentially agree with everything said.

@Syntax: I like that idea of having one for casual gaming and one for core gaming. It makes a lot of sense, and I can see that pretty easily. But as you said, introducing the Natal eliminates that line.

My issue with Natal (and Sony’s thing…whatever it’s called) is this:
Microsoft is obviously trying to steal the casual market away from Nintendo. This is insane, simply because Nintendo has a lot more money than most people think it does. After all, it only employs about 4,000 people worldwide and has over $10 Billion in cash assets. That’s quite the giant.

Again, I applaud Microsoft for the effort, however vain it is.

Oh, and who buys an Arcade 360?

That and they already have a hold on the market.

And they have more than 2x as many Wii’s in homes as MS has 360s, which completely blue me away when I saw that. Wii has almost topped the PS2 in units sold, ALREADY. And it only has 1 version, and doesn’t break as much, which artificially inflated Sony’s numbers. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Just looked at stocks, Nintendo is number 2 in Japan, topped only by Toyota. O_O

Edit 2: Was looking at numbers… HOLY HELL! Nintendo’s stock is roughly $513 per share, MS’ is only $22, and Sony is even lower. :O_O:

We all should’ve invested in Nintendo during the Gamecube years, when their shares were way low.

Revenue US$ 60.420 billion (2008)[6]
Operating income US$ 22.492 billion (2008)[6]
Net income US$ 17.681 billion (2008)[6]
Total assets US$ 72.793 billion (2008)[6]
Total equity US$ 36.286 billion (2008)[6]
Employees 89,809 in 105 countries (2008

Revenue ?1.672 trillion (2008)[3]
Operating income ?487.22 billion (2008)[4]
Net income ?257.342 billion (2008)[5]
Total assets ?1.8 trillion (2008)[6]
Employees 3,768 (2008)

1.00 USD = 95.3382 JPY.

Can you say:

I’m to lazy to translate 1.8 trillion yen to USD, who was PWND?

I’m not sure, Syntax, but I would like to point out (either way) that Nintendo is exclusively a gaming company, and Microsoft also does computers and all that.

Personally, I think that’s why they have that much moolah.