Need Moar Help

Every morning when I turn my computer on, my monitor will go on for about 2 seconds, then go black. Then I have to turn it off and back on and it’ll stay on for another 2 seconds, then go black again. I have to do this ~50 times before it stays on. I can also see it getting a little brighter every time (it starts pretty dark).

What the fuck is going on?

Options not open to me:

-Buying a new monitor
-Hiring someone to find out what the fuck is going on
-Fixing it myself

It’s a CRT, right?

if yes
buy a new one

if no
buy a new one

Me and my very-not-infinite monitor know-how: I think either the power supply-ish portion of the monitor is shot, or there’s a short in/near/around the backlights.
Unless it’s CRT. In that case, it’s dying and get a new one.

Knowng your computer, the zombie state it’s already in is probably dying pretty fast. Did anyone happen to cut off its head or something similar recently?

After using my epic Google powers, I have discovered the first step;

-Try another monitor. Don’t buy one or anything, but just quickly test out another monitor to identify if it’s an issue with your monitor or with your computer.

Other options if you can’t do that are…

-Changing Power Management settings in Windows.
-Sacrifice a lamb and burn incense while screaming incomprehensibly to the GODS.

I’ll browse teh interwebz a little more when I have less homework to do. As in, later tonight.

My monitor does the exact same thing, but accompanied with a really obnoxious high-pitched noise.

To solve this, I just set my computer to never go to sleep, and I never turn it off anyway.
It’s a power supply problem, but uh, there’s not really anything you can do about it except open it and fuck around or buy a new one. Not like a part you can replace or anything.
What monitor do you have, by the way?

so, my monitor died

That’s what happens after you get that sound from it. I dropped a monitor in the garage floor once and it started to make that sound. It died three weeks after that and it gave me a terrible headache every time I used my computer those weeks.

Monitors are cheap today. I’ll buy two new 23" Samsung monitors after we move this summer. It’ll only cost me around ?332 or $420.

My keyboard i starting to not work, like this:

My ybordis sartgto wk

Isn’t there another way to make words?

Klick me!


I wanna buy 3 1080p 23" monitors ($160 each at my local shop), but I’ve gotta start saving my money for college. This is the end of my reign of epic hardware. :frowning:

Though what I have will probably still count as epic 3 years from now. xD

Probably. :smiley:>

$160 each? Cheaper than I’d expect. I can has monitor specs/model number/whatever?

They’re nothing great.

Acer 1080p’s. 10000:1 contrast ratio I think, which again, isn’t great, but it’s better than what I have now. 5ms response time.

I would like to get the 120hz 1080p Acers, but those are nice, and $350 a pop. 3D Vision Surround would be sick on them though.

You should at least look at this one.

That bezel is WAY too large for a multi-monitor setup.


Because I don’t want that much bezel in mah games. >_>