need some halp

my mum is getting an R4 card for a 10 year old girl and wants me to load it with games

wtf kinda DS games should i give a 10 year old girl?!

halp <_>

i was thinking maybe some pokemon, and dungeon maker, but like…
what do 10 year old girls like for video games?!


list so far!

mario kart
littlest pet shop
mario vs donkey kong
new super mario bros
yoshi’s island
pokemon platinum
kirby canvas curse
kirby squek squad
super princess peach
drawn to life
hannah montana the movie
hannah montana music jam
hannah montana
harvest moon DS cute

Don’t forget all the animal related games that end in “Z” Like Catz. There’s loads of them. Maybe Cooking mama?

Anything thats stereotypically attributed to women, because at that age, they haven’t discovered how to be a feminist.

that wasn’t funny


stupid filter…


Filter? What filter?

theres a filter that fucks up “i l o l’d”

among other things
072s a fuckin’ tosser.

was that filtered?

please ban me

please ban me (and by please ban me i mean “oh hey I typed it out!”)


oh fuck you mods… i cant even type out the expression? I guess I have to misspell it to get my point across. quot’d for truth

you mean “oh fuck you 072”

This forum definitely needs some administration, or it’s going to keep degrading.

Heh… TBH I wonder if there is really a reason to keep it ‘stable’. I mean, it’s just us, and it’s not like any rules are enforced around here anyways. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lets test that… gets links to porn

so, uhhhh, back on topic?

lol. There’s a difference between “072 sillyness” and “stuff Invisionfree isn’t cool with,” imo.

Edit: on topic:

I understand that she’s 10, but WHY would you encourage this kind of thing? ._.;

You know, why not throw in a bunch of puzzle games? Definitely fine for both boys and girls.

[quote=“CloudVaris @ Dec 18 2010, 01:21 PM”]

apparently shes into it =/

also, she requested GTA, wut <_>

puts on GTA, resident evil, and ninja gaiden

Wait there’s a resident evil game on the DS?

Yeah, they remade the first one. Deadly Silence, I think they called it.

Never played it, but I heard it was good.


and its DAMN good