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…Upsilon? I don’t get it.



Appendix Epsilon of the Metroid Prime strategy guide has a complete list of all research entries and enemies.


WTF? Am I the only one that doesn’t know that?


No, because I didn’t know that either. O.o

I did mean Upsilon… which I know is a dead giveaway for certain people here.


You talking 'bout that big ass pirate bro?


Update time!

So I ran into a small snag:

When I first started making this software I had no directory tree in mind, so I did silly things like store all of the animated texture data (which stores only the locations/lengths of frames on a given texture) inside each model file. I also did not realize how large and complicated the model animator program would be, so each program (texture animator, model editor, model animator) had its own idea of how to store, save, and load data.

So the snag is simply that if I want to add a small new feature to texture animations (such as each frame getting its own offset so that you don’t have to grid-align your sprite sheets) I’d have to edit code differently in each program, then change all of my animated texture files (including the local ones inside all of the model files) to the new format. So instead of only fixing this one issue, I’m reorganizing/combining a ton of code to prevent similar issues from happening again. This will take some work, but it will make this animator project smaller, simpler, and easier/faster to work on. Sure, this may have been a preventable long-term mistake, but I’m still learning…

Don’t worry, though. I’ve already run into a few snags like this and they aren’t a problem, and it’ll feel good to reorganize/simplify things. In fact, I would probably have overcome this whole thing already if my (limited) spare time wasn’t being used up by this:
And I think that’s a perfectly acceptable excuse. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: By the way, chagi got it: Upsilon = Omega Pirate.


Very nice man, even though you messed up, you caught the fact that you messed up, and thats what really matters. Keep at it man. :slight_smile:


When you get this done, I’m up for getting as much help as we can and restarting the project.


I apologize for my lack of updates in the last month. But there has been progress.

Once again, I’ve been busy with this P2D documentation project:
Which has been fun.

The mega-surgery on the 2-D model animator is coming along. Animated texture data has a shiny new file format that’s about 1/3rd the size of the old one, and I have much more control over adjusting the format in the future. Model data is next. I’ve decided to ditch backwards compatibility, so all my models and animations are now archaic and don’t work. I’ve kept the old format documented though, so I can try to restore them afterward. I’m curious – are there any non-programmers who understand what I’m talking about? Maybe I should simplify my progress reports. Just look at this diagram because it describes my animator perfectly: (seriously)

In other news (and this may be the most important!!!), it’s possible that my brother is going to throw together a little surprise for P2D that would help this project immensely. More information to be announced when the plans become more finalized.

Edit: Finally… this semester is looking to be the most intense semester of my life thus far. I apologize if my NetMission progress slows down as I try to survive real life. insert usual promise here about never giving up



Quoteth forth Trutheth.


Quoth for Truthfulness

srs dude, learn to Shakespear.


Lern to qwote tunnal. Durp.


Haven’t forgotten about this.
I just planned out a resource loading system with multi-threading. Sort of like MP’s loading, only you won’t have to wait for the door to open since 2-D works differently.
By “planned out” I mean I wrote up a page of text using Notepad. On a bus ride. It’s a very thorough page though. Pretty sure I covered all the necessary components.
I have a lot of the engine planned out on paper and stuff (unlike the model animator which I’m still trying to clean up). I just need time to do the grunt work.

Hey does anyone know how to read, type, think, and sleep at the same time?

Edit: I’ll fix my avatar eventually.


When there’s enough of an engine to make the whole game, I’m ready to pump out anything I can to finish it this time. Especially because I suck a lot less at spriting now.


Yes, but you can only do it while you’re dreaming.



Also: Lucid Dreaming. :smiley:


We must go deeper.



Old vertical is old :3