NetMission Engine


Working on a small tech demo! Came up with the concept for it 6 days ago.
Current progress:

Behind-the-Scenes Tools: 60% (worked on for maybe a month total so far; this is the bottleneck)
Necessary Engine Features: 90% (started years ago…)
Graphics: 40% (started 4 days ago)
Gameplay: 15% (started 4 days ago)
Sounds: 0% (not started)
Music: 75% (started 5 days ago)
The main point of the demo: 0% (not started)

ETA: Late January.


i love you and your stilts


Been a few weeks.
Current progress:

Behind-the-Scenes Tools: 75% (was 60% – this is still the bottleneck, after which everything else will speed up dramatically)
Necessary Engine Features: 94% (was 90%)
Graphics: 60% (was 40%)
Gameplay: 30% (was 15%)
Sounds: 0% (still not started)
Music: 75% (unchanged)
The main point of the demo: 20% (was 0%)

ETA: Don’t be surprised if I need extra time, but I’ll still aim for the end of January.


awesome sauce! cant wait to see it!


SWEET! :smiley:


So I know I said I was aiming for the end of January… And in my timezone that means I have 14 minutes left…
But I’m not quite done. :frowning:

To make up for needing extra time, I’ll include this screenshot of the title screen without the title. Maybe you can guess from it what the tech demo is about…

Don’t be deceived by the art style. It’s supposed to look like that. You’ll see. >.>

Current Progress:
Behind-the-Scenes Tools: 92% (was 75% – this is still the bottleneck, after which everything else will speed up dramatically)
Necessary Engine Features: 94% (unchanged)
Graphics: 70% (was 60%)
Gameplay: 30% (unchanged)
Sounds: 0% (still not started)
Music: 77% (was 75%)
The main point of the demo: 35% (was 20%)

Basically the behind-the-scenes tools are just these massive programs I’m coding in boring old C++ and they’re taking some time… I can’t say more because it’d ruin the surprise. But lately they’ve gotten to the point where they’re working the way I want them to, and as soon as I’m done I can jump right back to putting the demo together, and that’s the fun part. Writing music, balancing gameplay, creating sounds, putting graphics together… Can’t wait.


ermergerd, yes


Hooray! Progress! I’m excited for the release, how ever many decades it will take :smiley:


[sub]But seriously take as much time as you need.[/sub]


Sorry ;_;

I wanted to get it out during January because I knew that once school picked up I’d get consumed by the academic workload… which is exactly what’s happened now.

My spring break is in a few weeks. I will deliver!

Current Progress:
Behind-the-Scenes Tools: 93% (was 92% – it’s enough now that I could finish the demo without doing any more here… but I’d really like to finish the last few features)
Necessary Engine Features: 99% (was 94% – this was a pretty important/exciting jump)
Graphics: 73% (was 70% – getting there…)
Gameplay: 32% (was 30% – when I actually focus on this, it’ll jump up really fast)
Sounds: 0% (still not started – will also go very quickly)
Music: 80% (was 77% – made a few quick sketches and plans for the final track)
The main point of the demo: 50% (was 35% – can’t wait to show it off)


day 2935

Troid nearing demo.
Promises “in a few weeks”.

must survive until then…


Spring break has arrived!
So I’ll be traveling for a few days but soon I can finally sit down and get to work on this thing.
If I can release this tech demo by the end of my spring break that would be awesome.

That’s actually pretty close…


i did a little math based on the first post of this thread lol


Here are some things I’ve done in the last few days:
[size] - Organized and formatted a ton of the graphics files I will need to use

  • Finished one of two remaining features in the “behind-the-scenes tools”
  • A tiny addition to the “main point of the demo”
  • Bug fixing
  • Ending screen
  • Credits[/size]
    So the behind-the-scenes tools are definitely up to 96%, and graphics are at maybe 80% (the last 20% is a background image that Metroid_Zapper is very kindly working on).

And since the above details are probably meaningless to everyone else, I guess I’ll say things going well. Did stuff.


I’m pretty sure all of us who still check this forum are at least semi-familiar with what you mean.


its true, so demo plox


Weee! :smiley:>


So that really slow-moving “Behind-the-Scenes Tools” thing, which I called “the bottleneck, after which everything else will speed up dramatically”?
Pretty much done.

So since then I’ve been working on the soundtrack (this last track takes some interesting turns, hehehe…), and the gameplay has gone from a buggy test scene to an actual working game. Still tons of features to add (like the “main point of the demo”) but I’m finally onto the part where everything I do has an immediate effect. And it’s fun.

Timeframe? Who knows. But way closer than ever. I’m probably going to have people I know in real life beta testing it this weekend. (Sorry to hold back on you guys, but it’s been such an enormous wait to this point that I really can’t afford to not give it my absolute best, even if it’s just a tech demo)



So, April Fools jokes aside, here is where the demo currently stands:

Behind-the-Scenes Tools: Done enough for this demo, and already put to good use.
Necessary Engine Features: Just some tweaks here and there as they come up.
Graphics: 80% (was 73% – stepping up bit by bit)
Gameplay: 65% (was 32% – only two missing features left, and lots of small details otherwise, not all of which are necessary for a first release. Basically right now it’s playable, but it feels incomplete)
Sounds: 0% (still not started – will go quickly when I start making them)
Music: 85% (was 80% – added a little more but the new material needs revising)
The main point of the demo: 80% (was 50% – I hope you guys like it)

January? Nahh, I clearly said it’d be out in April from the very start. You must be remembering it wrong.