NetMission Engine

Excellent work there. I’m rather impressed. :slight_smile:


Future updates will be posted in the other NetMission topic.

(Latest update)

How close are you to completing your engine? It seems well on it’s way, but I can’t exactly tell. Do you have a percentage?

can i help you with something like some sprites,story, music or something?

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Sprites – From what I’ve seen you’re a good spriter. Click here for the full sprite list.
Story – We’re following Metroid Prime’s story exactly, so it’s all done for us.
Music – I’m pretty sure the soundtrack is almost completely done. It needs touch-ups, but right now I don’t think music is our biggest priority.

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Look at Troid, being all nice. :slight_smile:

I Clicked the Lnk It Says File Not Found Can U Give Me A Download Link

The link is going on 2 years old… as is this topic.

Sorry, the file-hosting service I was using wiped all of their files at one point during a renovation or shift in ownership or something, so the links in the first post no longer work.
I don’t have any quick file-hosting services set up at the moment, but if you want to see this demo in action I put a video of it on YouTube:

I am still working on the NetMission engine – it has come a long way since this ragdoll Meta Ridley, but usually I only get to work on it during the summers because the school year is so busy for me.

Summer 2009 led to the demo in the first post of this topic.
Summer 2010 was a model animator. Here’s a beta animation, although the final animator can do more than this:

And in summer 2011 I wrote my own compiler and run-time that allowed me to make scripted objects in Game Maker style. It was a great learning experience, but I realized over the winter break that it would be too hard to maintain, so I switched to Lua and saved myself another summer’s worth of time and effort.

I’m sorry that it’s such a long-term project, but I have high hopes for what I will add to it during summer 2012, hopefully enough to make a real demo for once.

If you want to keep up with any progress I make, I moved all of the updates about this engine to a different topic, because progress on it is no longer an "announcement."
It starts here:

Oh ridley ragdoll, you so adorable.

Holy Shit!

Nice you found one of the actual demo that was released.