NetMission Engine


I’d like to help, I’m free weekends and hols.
The engine isn’t bad at all with the help of the DLLs, it might need some tweaking for the physics (made reall have an epileptic fit), but what you have now will be fine for dying Space Pirates. Does this mean the Artifacts of the Month will start over again? If so… count me in :wink:


Thanks for the support. :smiley:

Artifacts of the Month was hard for me to keep running consistently, but I would be glad to start it up again if people want it back.

Yes, one of the glitches is getting MR to shake violently for no reason, sometimes enough to jump to the top of the screen. Animated models won’t have this issue, and I’ll look into it for future ragdolls like dead pirates.

Speaking of DLLs, I know I can cut my DLL usage at least in half, but I had trouble doing so in my compiler/IDE setup.



For those who could not run the demo posted, here is a video of me playing it:

Sorry if the music is a little jumpy at the start. Recording it was a little CPU-intensive, and the software-rendered audio responds poorly to that.


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Next version should include samus with a gravity gun, to explain why ridley does this. xD


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Excellent work there. I’m rather impressed. :slight_smile:



Future updates will be posted in the other NetMission topic.

(Latest update)


How close are you to completing your engine? It seems well on it’s way, but I can’t exactly tell. Do you have a percentage?


can i help you with something like some sprites,story, music or something?


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Sprites – From what I’ve seen you’re a good spriter. Click here for the full sprite list.
Story – We’re following Metroid Prime’s story exactly, so it’s all done for us.
Music – I’m pretty sure the soundtrack is almost completely done. It needs touch-ups, but right now I don’t think music is our biggest priority.

Welcome. And ignore everyone else. :stuck_out_tongue:


Look at Troid, being all nice. :slight_smile:


I Clicked the Lnk It Says File Not Found Can U Give Me A Download Link