New Adventures of the Artifacts of the Month

This is impossible, how can this be?!

Because of fucking Troid. Once his awesome thing of awesomeness is done, that’ll be a huge step in the graphics, making it so much easier to have fluid and connected animations in a fraction of the time, so all the graphics (other than backgrounds) could realistically be done before 2012.

Then all that’s left is to finally have a working engine.

augh, insomnia and dyingness x_x

i swear i’ll get a list up
till then keep on the old one

or pick a random one from the master list

Well… I was thinking more general than that, but okay.

What’s up with all the weird titles on P2D? “New Adventures of the Artifacts of the Month?” What does that mean!?

Because of this. It was before your time, when there was still a real P2D.

Probably not a good sign that I think Artifacts of the Month is a recent event.

thinks back to the good old days of P2D in the 1920’s…

This new topic makes me happy though :smiley:
Keep up the awesome work everyone. We can do this! Possibly even before 2050!

Man, I wish I joined P2D sooner… It used to be so cool in 2005-2009

Dude, now’s the time to join. For it to be cooler, we need more help. It takes time, patience and dedication to make a fan game like this. Sure it’s been going on forever, and lots of us have come and gone or been on and off in the past years, like me for example, but if we just give up we won’t get anywhere. Thanks to Troid P2D is always alive regardless of how close to death it is. He’s a busy man, give him the time to work up an engine, he won’t let us down. We just have to work at the resources and eventually, we’ll make that awesome 2D Metroid Prime game we’ve been working at.

Yeah, this new little group has a lot of potential to get P2D back on track. CMC, Rundas and I are now much more talented pixel artists, and then there’s Liks who’s a god, Troid is getting a shitload of programming experience and making an extremely helpful tool that could be used, and I’m sure thee’s a bit of programming experience between some other users.

All we need is an engine that isn’t in GM.

ahhhh, delicious sleep, finally

Plated Parasite
Ruined Fountain Fountain
Bendezium Gate

Yeah, P2D definitely used to be all the rage. But check this out:

You can still experience this era as if it was yesterday!
Have fun. (Much much much thanks to XSlicer for hosting this long-dead forum)

Hopefully you can get some inspiration from this archive – at least I did, reading through all the important topics and seeing just how seriously everyone treated P2D. It was so cool.

(For those who’ve read about all the resources I’ve been documenting and recovering… this is where that happens. I’ve meticulously gone through most of the important topics, like that 326-page one)


Soon enough, I’ll be active again. I will start working on stuff. Actually, I’ll sprite everything.

Kay <3

I’m back. I was busy running a sprite competition.

I had started on the runic symbols:

I also found this on my four-year old USB drive:

I was wondering who made this and if this is the current sprite being used, because I’m digging those colours!

Also Metroid Zapper, your Ridley could do with some refining: it looks great in some places, and in others it’s pillowshaded. Once you get the sheet up, I could show you what I mean!

only thing I have is a nearly finished tileset… meh, I’ll post it anyways


Okay, so did I just see someone post actual relevant and helpful content on their first post in these forums? Is this reality? Nah I’m just kidding. I don’t know if you’re new, or just another member’s alternate account but thank you for not being another “i has a kool idea guyz! its a metroid game im making and itz gonna be super awesome!”

In all honesty, while they could use some work… HOLY CRAP A NEW ACTIVE CONTRIBUTING MEMBER!!!


Keep it up man, you’re destined for greatness.

btw, im not dead, im just… having a life?



That. I’ve been really, really, really, really busy, and when I’m not working or busy, I’m playing Oblivion with this new not-shit computer.

At least Vista’s Paint is just a reskin of XP. Maybe I’ll pixel a bit when I finally have free time again.

It isn’t. At least, I don’t think it was. IIRC it has the new mess of a line feature (my #1 used thing for all my spritework)