New Adventures of the Artifacts of the Month


but being that we’re representing a 3d game in a 2d format its the easiest way to get a lot of the features of the game to work properly

otherwise a ton of things will need complete replanning


Are we really doing this? If so, when was this decided? Or are we just giving ideas?


i think thats been the plan since troid took over
but if a strong majority wishes it, it can probably be done non-mouse aiming


We could always have both. The only problem there is that whichever one it isn’t designed for might be pretty hard to use.


this is true, could do that…
would still have to tweak some things so it’d work with both types of aiming


I feel like having mouse aiming takes away the 2D Metroid feel. In my experience, I’ve only playing one Metroid fan game that included mouse aiming that was any good, and it was top-down. Mouse Aiming would be more appropriate with a shooter, where Metroid is more an adventure that involves shooting. I don’t want to be a picky pain in the butt, but I’m gonna a picky pain in the butt here.

After examining the demo and the effects of the beam, I agree with what Phlakey boy said in DF’s new topic. Therefor, I am requesting permission to redo the weapons. I’ve only seen the Power Beam and Missile and I’d like to polish them up. Do we have the old Beam sprites still so I could take a look?

I’ll also post my own edit of Sammy later tonight.


doo eet naow!


Being ‘un-metroid’ wasn’t a valid reason to keep the PQ kraid-esque, but it’s now a valid reason to not change the aiming system? Vwat.

It’s better than using a keyboard regardless. Keyboards suck for precision.

Also Prime was developed with free aim in mind.

Running and jumping have no effect – you still want to aim accurately.

I think the question is do we want to go with the ‘standby’ pose, or the ‘aim’ pose.

Additional food for thought:
Prime 2:…561-520-597.jpg
Prime 3:…/04/samus31.jpg
Metroid 1:
Super Metroid:
Super Metroid:
Other M:…03/otherm_1.jpg
Metroid Blast:…oidBlast_WP.png

All artwork is official art by whichever company developed that game.

I’m bringing this back up because I just played the intro again. The PQ’s lazor doesn’t knock back at all – you can literally walk through it.


Except that it’s super awkward to have your arm in the position all the time. It’s like going through an FPS with the sights always up.


the sa-x was badass, and does this


The SA-X was badass because it has a leisurely stroll that said “Imma fuck your shit up if you mess with me”… That and a beam sound that would kill a dead baby. Oh, and the ominous plod of the footsteps.

Basically everything that made the SA-X badass, we can’t do.


yep, completely impossible


The SA-X’s stance is based off of Samus’ from Super Metroid. Having the arm out could be a sense of noob-ism also because she is using a completely different Power Suit than in Prime. Samus’ original Power Suit (the one Mother Brain created) is never recovered in Zero Mission. When she crashes and enters the Chozodia shrine, the Chozo grant Samus a much more advanced Power Suit, the Suit she kept up until Fusion. It could have advanced targeting system, that Samus hadn’t adapted to when she first got the Suit. Nobody knows. All that is known is in every game after that, her stance was much more relaxed. And badass.

And regarding the Parasite Queen being un-Metroid, it captures the idea that it just towers over you in size. It is a single boss battle that changes things to capture the feeling of the boss fight in Prime while retaining 2D gameplay. It’s one thing to change the gameplay style for a boss battle than it is to change it for the entire game.

Regarding keyboard aiming, Metroid isn’t a shooter as much as it is an adventure that involves shooting. It just doesn’t fit 2D Metroid. I know of 1 good Metroid fan game that includes mouse aiming, and it’s still rough.

And all of that artwork is during Samus dodging, or diving, or an action shot. Samus’ arm cannon does not have sights, she can’t aim it accurately. With the advanced technology of her suit, there is no reason her HUD can’t tell her exactly where her shots are going to hit.

These are just my opinions. Feel free to disagree with them, but I feel as if these would be the more logical decisions. Also personal preference comes in.


I actually went back and read the whole discussion. Here’s my two cents.

As for Samus, either one should and will work. I don’t know if you remembered playing MP2E’s multiplayer, but her arm was only bent at the elbow, not fully extended. Her suits lock on is what makes her accurate, not holding it in front of her, so the look should be more relaxed, like the SA-X.

As for aiming, I think both are good ideas. On the one hand, the game would be much more accessible to flying enemies with a mouse. The GBA games were DESIGNED to have those controls, placing enemies heights to take advantage of that control scheme.
We’re not limited by that, so we should open the game up to mouse input, because that un-restricts level design. It would also make scanning much easier.

Just some food for though. Also CMC, I like the depth addition. Adds to how… real she looks.


Greetings, dear Ashes.

Fair enough… but anywho, here’s my attempt at fixing Samus, next to Phlakes’ and Candy’s.

She looks a little more 3D than the others, I don’t know if that will fit the style. I may slide the shoulder down.

Made a Gravity Suit too


The big thing here is that we need to decide on a style for the whole game. I went for something pretty close to Prime and with bold shadows and more realistic, metallic shading, and Rundas’ is a little more cartoony and stylized and bright (it actually reminds me of Mega Man from X on). That frigate room I posted a while back is basically my vote for what to go for, or we could do something a little more on the ZM side of the scale.




Did I miss something?



havent messed with the gun tho


Holy Crossovers Batman!

Looking good. While I agree with Phlakes that it needs to be more of a realistic shading and whatnot, I do think that she should stand out a bit from the background, to kinda set her apart.