New Adventures of the Artifacts of the Month


I vote for Phlakes’ suit and shading, but Rud’s canon.


left: phlakes’ colors
middle: my new colors
right: my old colors

still messing around with em

not really time for that with all the edits going on…


Left is sexy, middle is too dark. Most of our backgrounds will probably be darker colors, so a bright Samus would work well to contrast.


messed with the middle’s colors more
now theyre all the same shading with different cannons
left: based off original cannon
middle: rundas’ cannon
right: edited rundas’


found a few stray colors, broke their kneecaps and tossed em in the river



Edited to fit, of course.


If we are going for a realistic shading then Phlakey boy, Candy baby, we need to fix the dark outlines. Also Candy, make the under armor’s palette separate from the cannon’s. I’m gonna make a new Power Beam in the mean time, because I never got an answer…


moar edit, also grav suit, because fuck it
trying to mess with colorz moar
ditched a color, mah darkest


Of those sprites, beam cannon numero 2 is definitely my pick. However, I kinda just noticed this, aren’t her feet a tad to big? Or am I crazy… Cause she is a girl, and they have much smaller feet than men do.


i agree with the cannon, all the others are a bit meh

as for the feet
she may have smallish wimmin feet, but i doubt her suit would
being all, yanno, armored and shit

plus thats probably where her upgrades are stored lul


Soooo… I combined our Samuses…

First is Phlakes’, second is Candyman’s, third is my old one, fourth is the new one. I also started a Power Beam with the Charge Beam. There are two versions, one is 4 and 8 pixels thick, the other is 5 an 9 pixels wide.


dayum this is getting pretty


I slightly updated the palette.

Oh and btw, I found a beautiful reference image for the Grizby, and I will be editing it again.

Here it is:…hot_%285%29.png

Check on the Metroid Wiki’s recent uploaded images for a couple of pages. An administrator named Hellkaiserryo12 has been uploading HD images for each of the Prime games, and there are some incredible reference images in there that we could use.

Including a good reference image for the Ice Shriekbats. I don’t know if you are still working on it Phlakey boy, but lookie lookie:…ot_%2824%29.png

Also, I have a massive folder for Metroid references. If anyone needs something, let me know.


I still like Phlakes’ the best.

Also I just started doodling today…

Imagine P2D in HD awesomeness.


i like rundas’ newest one the best and am ditching mine in favor of it


Biggest issue I have with it is the shoulders. Prime had very little green in the shoulders. In the sprite it’s a full strip, and makes for too little contrast.

Also on the pose:
-The reason Fusion Samus looks so BA is she is leaning forward, almost hunched over. Her weight is in front of her legs, showing her leaning into the conflict, ready to kick ass.
-In the current sprite, Samus is leaning back, which gives off an illusion of caution/fear. Her weight is behind her legs, making it easy to flee quickly.

This is what I’m talking about:

And regarding the last one: The colors are too similar when it comes to value. We’re dealing with metal, there should be lots of awesomeness. Right now it’s basically dark outlines, grey middles, and a bright spot here and there. We’re relying too much on color differences to make up for value differences. A particularly important note: the green ‘lights’ are the same value as the metal.

Also what’s our target resolution? Imma dick around with the HUD.


The thing I did was 416x240 (26x15 tiles), it seems like it’s ope enough without being excessive.

And I have to agree that that Samus is pretty hard to read. Even zoomed in it’s hard to tell what’s going on in the upper body.


I like Phlakes’ too, I borrowed from his palette. I just want to get more perspective before we decide on the base. I may adjust the shoulder still, which may have the appearance of leaning forward more. I still need to experiment.

The lining inside of the shoulder is black, with five sets of three green dots lined up. There is one set under the shoulder spike closest to the arm, two sets in between the shoulder spikes, and two between the shoulder and the head. Here:…ot_%2836%29.png

I could separate the shoulder pieces with black pixels in between, or something along the lines. I’ll get something together.

Do we want Prime’s and Hunters’ Missile Launcher, or the Launcher from every other game?

Prime, Hunters Launcher:…rate_battle.jpg

Echoes, Corruption Launcher:…er_launcher.png…lios_battle.png…_refinery_2.png


Well we are redoing Prime… but literally every other game (bar M1) has used the same style of missile launcher.

That’s significantly higher resolution than the GBA, so we might should do a larger Samus to compensate.

(GBA is 240x160)


the launcher from every other game, cuz the prime/hunters one looks stupid

also we are doing a larger samus, GBA samus is roughly 2 tiles tall, ours is roughly 3

any bigger and we have some rather extensive morphball issues

and shes not leaning back, shes standing up straight
(and now im imagining samus limbo dancing…)

last but not least
colors can change, all this shit is WIP


It would work easily if we simply pixel double the GBA (480x320), and sprites. Anything currently existing could be temporarily double scaled. Only issue is that is a 3:2 ratio. 570x320 would be a pixel double for widescreen (16:9…ish)

This solves morph ball issues, because once again everything is a simple double (ball = 2 tiles high, or 1 32px tile)

Hence why I said “appears”. When it comes to pixel art, things are easily exaggerated beyond intentions (hence the ‘hunchback’ Fusion). Use it to the advantage (once again, Fusion).

Last but not least: I know, which is why I’m pointing stuff out while it still can be changed. Better now than after the sheet is done. :wink: