New Adventures of the Artifacts of the Month


also these are the two palettes compared


We have a larger Samus.

It’s actually perfectly proportioned with the height. Ours is 3 tiles vs. 2, the resolution is 240 high vs. 160.

It’s not so much the colors themselves as how they’re used. I use the midtone more as a buffer than an actual shade, so it keeps high contrast metal shading and pushes the lights further forward and the darks further back.


Indeed, that will work. We do need ~1 more tile horizontally for widescreen though.

The metal is fine… but which pixels are the lights again? Sorry if this seems trivial, but it’s been beat into my head again and again and again. Value is the most important part of an image.


thats the point i was making about the ‘values’ thing

huh, seems like you missed your own point


also this

i made a timeline and a new edit
gunna edit it again soon, cuz i feel like it lawl


That one wasn’t touched by me except greyscaled. :stuck_out_tongue:


yep, just greyscaled

cept its harder to tell where the light are on phlakes’
its all just continues into the shoulder

while the other has lines going up along side the lights that show where they go

your point is moot


I meant the light colors, not the actual physical lights. The reason my trench things blend in is because they’re supposed to be thin and shallow. Non-pixeled the shoulder maybe 90% smooth metal and 10% trench things, and since you can’t use fractions of a pixel you can just make it lower contrast to make it seem smaller and less prominent. Plus it doesn’t clutter up the sphere shape or take away priority from the shadows under/behind it.


i’ve been mostly responding to things like

you actually make good points


We’ve made some Samus jam…

I took more inspiration from Phlakes’ shoulder shading, made the darkest color a bit darker, and fixed some pixels. On the top row, the fourth one is everything I just said, and the fifth one, I moved the shoulder in and down, moved the head forward, moved the leg forward, and trimmed some of the back off. Now it looks like she’s leaning forward a little bit more than leaning back.

I also have all the cannons there. First is normal, second is Prime’s launcher, third is Echoes/Corruption’s launcher, and then the fourth is Wave Beam, fifth is Ice Beam, sixth is Plasma Beam.


Double post with a couple questions. The Beams other than the Power Beam each have limited ranges. Are we going to include this? I personally think it would be strange to include this, since no beam really has much of an effect off-screen. The Plasma Beam’s reach is like 5 meters at most…

Other thing. For the Wave Beam, I noticed while playing (I played through Prime over the past couple days) that there are 3 streams of energy. How do we want to make it work? Are we going to have two waving streams, and then one in the center? Also, in Prime the Beams never intersect, but they always do in the 2D games. An example is below, the top is intersecting waves while the bottom isn’t intersecting, as it is in Prime but without a third stream.


i have no idea, top one looks better tho

attempt a triple one like the top one


You mean put a line through it?
With the line I like the second one better, but without it I’d prefer the first one.


What about something like this? (Different colors for clarity)

That’s Metroid Prime style, but rotating about the center line as you go left to right so that you can see the full 3-D shape.
By the way, pretty sure the wave beam will be programmed. Maybe the particles at the tip won’t be. But you’re welcome to make concept art so that whoever programs it has an artistic style to approximate.


Well it’s just that the Beam’s trail is just solid lines that are more colorful and brighter when closer to the actual Beam but eventually fade out. Can the straight lines like those be programmed in? That’d make life wonderful for me…


this is what i meant lawl


Yeah, I’m just gonna second Troid on this. It didn’t rotate in the game, but we gotta do something like that to show the 3-D ness. Don’t forget the the tips do have the little dots on them.


decided to see what this would look like


Yeah… it doesn’t actually rotate BUT each beam you fire is rotated a different amount from the previous one.

Well here are two tips for the beams, along with the palette, and the tips enlarged.

And here’s an example of how I imagine it being made…


i cant tell if i like this
i’d need to see it animated


I am not capable of such feats…