New Adventures of the Artifacts of the Month


Yeah CMC! They just keep getting better!
Is it just me or is she leaning forward a little aggressively?
It’s the matter of like, a pixel. But we’re so close.


i think i accidentally pushed the upper bit a pixel forward, lol

i totally did

A new engine and proposition

Yep, that looks good.

Finish the game now.


Working on it. :sweat:


If anyone was concerned, they kept quiet about it. The consensus was that the sprites we had were inaccurate and poorly animated and we needed new ones. It wasn’t like I kept going while everyone else told me I was wasting my time. But thanks for making it sound that way!

Anyway, if you guys are still serious about this, then you shouldn’t worry about throwing old stuff away if it can be improved. Personally, I can’t remember anything I ever did for this project that I wouldn’t be embarrassed by today, so by all means, redo it. Something tells me that MH would feel the same way.


Hey 072 –
I’d like to apologize for misconstruing the creation of your Samus design. When I wrote that post I couldn’t find the original topic where you posted Samus updates, so I was going on memory alone. I’ve since found that topic, and as it turns out my memory is pretty bad – everyone liked your Samus (me included…) and I have no idea why it didn’t get used in subsequent demos. I’m pretty ashamed of that post I made for a number of reasons now, and I’ll try to refrain from writing in whatever eccentric and philosophical craze I must have been in that day that led me to make all those statements with no base or evidence. I hope there are no hard feelings.

Also welcome back man! How’ve you been?!


Apology accepted! (Seriously though, I didn’t mean for it to sound like there were hard feelings. Sorry if it came across that way.)

I’ve been good. Haven’t done any spriting in a long time, but I’m still drawing illustration-type stuff whenever I have free time. I guess it has been a while now… the last few times I’ve checked back, it didn’t seem like there was any activity, so it’s cool to see people still around and interested again now. Coming up on the 10 year anniversary! This April, I think?


holy sh-

maybe we can magnetize the forum with new stuff so everyone comes back ;D



10 years…
You’re right.

Welp, I’m certainly not going to have anything special ready by April. Busiest/worst/last semester of school coming up, and on top of that I’ll be out of town for chunks of it. It would be just like a year ago, when in December I promised that a tech demo was on the way, then didn’t get a chance to work on it again until mid-May and released in June…

We should try to put something together though. Anyone else wanna give it a shot?


give what a shot exactly?


Oh, just something special to celebrate the 10 year anniversary.
Like, presumably some sort of tech demo would normally be in order, except that I’d miss the mark by several months due to school. So I’m out of ideas.
Maybe a giant psuedo-timeline image chronicling the different stages P2D has been through in its lifetime?
Or a bunch of new pixel art?
Or we could just wait and celebrate the 10-year anniversary some other year :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe we could all compile a big list of forum members we think really contributed to the game/community, and then see if we can form a sort of “reunion”?
We could have a big thread outlining the general progress and plans over the past few years. Those who are interested might stay, and we’d get a bit of revival.
At the very least people could be made aware that there IS something happening around here, even if they don’t post. They’d be able to stay updated.


i like the reunion idea

might actually get some life back into this


I like that idea!


So I got to thinking, and have a cool idea for the logbook. Instead of having the strange art things MP had for the scans, we could have the sprite animated in whatever the respective artist thought was the best looping animation for it (kinda like Echoes but 2D). Also we could throw a label in each one as to which artist did what.

Secondly: Scan visor sucks in 2D. Even if we implement mouse-aim (was a decision reached on that?), it’s still going to be incredibly clunky, especially when trying to scan any enemies that move at a reasonable rate of speed (Shreekbats, War Wasps, etc). I did think of a way to kinda minimize it’s use, though I’m not sure you guys will agree. I was thinking all the computers/panels/such could have a ‘press x to read/activate/such’ button. Appropriate logbook data would still be recorded. For enemies, the suit could automatically pull info on them, and a ‘press x to view’ option could show in the top left corner. That could be the way to handle logbooks on creatures (not pressing said button means it’s not scanned). Think of it as a less annoying Navi.


Um guys, I hate to tell you this, but your scale for the Space Pirates is WAY off. Samus only comes up to their CROTCH!


Well, they are kinda hunched over in the game. And they don’t seem THAT big.


super hunched, plus the feet are actually flat on the ground making the legs bend more


I’m not sure if they ever got posted publicly, but Dazzy’s latest pirates got a major height increase for this very reason. :slight_smile: