New Adventures of the Artifacts of the Month


I was thinking something like this would be easy enough-

So if you try standing he’ll run straight into you.


All of Primes attacks would work as is in 2d. The only thing that would be different is a tunnel instead of a ditch to morph into when he charges.

As for attacking him, it would be the same as well, weak head area (spore spawn) based on weapons.

I would be more concerned about how Fahlegra, Thardus, or the second Prime will work… They are firmly rooted in 3d maneuverability.


Well the second Prime can just float around, not really a big deal Zurg. I think for Hyper-Mode though when the phazon is infused into the suit it should stay, allowing you to move around while you have it until you shoot the beam enough times. Unless after the pool is made Prime is always floating on an angle, but that’d just be weird. What’s a 2D Metroid game without moving after all?

Phlakes, your picture made me giggle. I just realized, Exo Prime is gonna need turning sprites… :E


I think it would work better if Prime ran off of the screen, and came back turned. That would keep the player from getting behind him.


That’s true… good idea. Make it kind of an invisible wall. The tiles blending with the background and only Prime can go through it


I believe Flaahgra was intended to be in one of those “scrolling” round rooms, much like in Sonic and Knuckles’ Sky Sanctuary or Castlevania Bloodlines’ Tower of Pisa. I.e. you’d run around the room by going straight left or straight right, which rotates the actual arena and scrolls new bomb targets onto the screen.

Don’t remember how Thardus was to work, and I don’t see why Prime Essence would be tricky–add platforms throughout the room that he can spawn phazon on, and also to add new ways to dodge.


its all about being creative


Wait…how can we have Flaaghra like that in 2D O_o


mad skill and adam savage


See above. All of the mentioned games had 2D rooms that simulated a round battle arena.


So an IRL friend and I want to have a throwback session sometime (this weekend?) where we roll the internet back several years and pretend we’re working on things we would’ve done on a regular basis back then. Like making sigs and avs.

I really want to make another P2D sprite. Anyone else want to make one this weekend? It’ll be loads of fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

The sprite list here is pretty much updated I think, but it’s probably not perfect. So I guess anyone who’s interested can post their choice here to make sure it’s something worth working on (like not already done by someone else.) Meh, maybe it’ll just be me.


I actually just finished my first sprite in 3 years!

Invisible security drone:


Tragic, that’s already been made!

So sorry.


To be fair, it DOES actually need a sprite, since you can use visors to view it if you sequence break.

To be fairer, that sprite would be one I already made for the regular sentry drone.



Hate to break it to you, but the invisible sprites are supposed to be invisible - not white.


the white has to be set to transparent, dumbass
c’mon, dont you know anything about sprite sheet?
wtf, man, wtf


If you guys need a programmer, i’d be willing to help… I don’t have any real experience but i’d be willing to give it a shot.


its not so much that we lack programmers, it more so that Troid needs more free time


So…does anyone have the old completed/in-progress sprites backed up somewhere? My archives got taken offline. Even ignoring the fact that we’ll obviously need those for the actual game, it’d be nice to have them for comparison/scale/palette/etc.


I think Troid has most of them. He is Jesus, after all.