New Adventures of the Artifacts of the Month


jesus on stilts


Also, check out what I just found! The wiki as a whole may suck compared to the other Metroid wiki, but these are some NICE references.


Sorry to doublepost, but I feel like this is important–I got my old backup drive working, and get this! It has roughly every sprite we ever made in it. Or at least a good chunk of them. Everything from the Orpheon crates to the war wasps, Omega Pirate, Parasite Queen, Samus herself…

I’ll transfer and upload tomorrow, I’m heading to bed.


That is a very justified double post. Not that we have a problem with it in the first place.


Are these images in the public domain? :smiley:


Straight from the gallery: This image is a screenshot of, or official artwork for, a copyrighted video game, and the copyright for it is probably held by the company or person that developed the game (most likely Nintendo). It is believed that its use here constitutes fair use, given that:
it is used in a non-commercial setting, and therefore is not being used to generate profit in this context
its use here does not significantly impede the right of the copyright holder to sell the copyrighted material
it is used in a largely unaltered state, where any editing has been done purely for cosmetic/display purposes
the original content of the image has not been modified, and it is not a derivative work


Huh… not as many as I thought, and it’s mostly just stuff I made… but there are a few things in here that I thought were lost forever, so it’s still cool to have them back. But obviously there’s still quite a bit missing.

Oh well. (The number was inflated previously because there were about 500 different versions of each space pirate, so I thought I had a lot more sheets than I did. Whoops!)


First things first:

Secondly, can I have a copy of the Morph ball? Totally gonna sprite an Oculus.

Edit: Oh, it’s in Daz’ folder of stuffs. That works.


I would be willing to give the Morphball a shot, unless someone else has and the first post hasn’t been updated. Gimme the dimensions I have to work with, and I can start.


Thanks to the new demo I started looking back at shit and I realized the Samus sprites are a little rough 7 years down the road. Just a bit of fun/practice.

EDIT: Also compare it to the first time I tried to edit the same sprite, 5 years ago.


My dearest friends… how I’ve missed you…

“Defend your Flaahgra” caught my attention. So we’re making progress again, huh?


Troid, look what you’ve caused!

you glorious bastard!


Well I wanna help again. I saw my Grizby in a folder and was like, HAY THIS IS OLD. So I updated it a little. Anything else I should do with it?


I’m strongly considering taking care of some of the old Artifacts. And if someone has the things that are already done I’ll edit the fuck out of them.


i believe troid has all that


I’ll be happy to include whatever anyone makes here into the next demo as long as you finish it and as long as it’s something that will be added to P2D. You saw how random the assortment was in DYF. I’ll make it work.

The new Samus design looks good but it isn’t very Metroid Prime-like :frowning:


Say… weren’t we to redo the Parasite Queen? If she were to be done, what animations would she have? I made that big Prime, so I’m considering it…


About that…

After playing the demo I started thinking a bit and then I accidentally seven pages. It’s a little (see: a lot) early to be talking about the game as if it’ll actually exist but it would be good to clear some things up before serious work goes down.

…And the newest one is actually pretty damn close if you look at it against a Prime shot.


That was a good read – thanks for writing that.

I don’t agree with all the points, but the overall message to loosen up and go with the spirit of the game rather than the letter of the game (er… law) is definitely valid.

For my tastes I would pull it back a notch though. You’re asking for a Metroid -> Metroid: Zero Mission kind of reinterpretation (new bosses, new items, updated art style, fewer empty corridors, extended ending), whereas I think we should keep the big features (bosses, creatures, items, scans, rooms) mostly intact, at least in terms of what they are, but then stretch everything within those constraints to make it work. Reshape rooms, spice up the cutscenes, do whatever is needed to make it fun.

So the two hallway rooms at the beginning of the frigate? As you say, they’re a “long, atmospheric walk” in Prime. But in P2D, 50% of your time in them is door transitions, and the other 50% is repeating blue panels. So we’ll make the corridors much, much longer. Samus can afford to be slower, too. Dark lighting, gradually becoming pitch black except for Samus’s visor light and power shots. An unsettling quiet the whole time. Maybe a faint rumble or scream. Maybe parasite shadows in the pipes while you’re pressurizing the air. Maybe have the orange-lit wiring along the wall turn on noisily once you reach the other side of the room, just to freak the player out. Anything else to show that you’re heading deep into a space ship and something has just gone horribly wrong. That to me is even closer to Metroid Prime than the literal translation. We have to think back to when we first played the game.

But there are no constraints on easter eggs and secrets. Which is how things like the Sheegoth Monster could appear. :stuck_out_tongue:




all of my YES


Yeah, I just wanted to put down what we could do, and then we can decide however far we want to take it.

And I think the frigate might be my suggestion for the next tech demo. Even if all you can do is run to the right, it would be great to see it looking like that.