New Adventures of the Artifacts of the Month


i like this plan!

now back to samus, are we agreed she needs a shrinking?


Balore’s a smaller target and Soma can only attack a fairly small range in front of him. PQ takes up nearly the entire screen and Samus can attack any direction at any range at any time. Big difference.

Rudy the Clown is sort of what I had in mind, yeah - a damageable head in the “foreground” but the rest of the PQ in the “background.” That might work.


balore was more to show that the statement was false


shrunk it and patched it up a bit

i like the idea of having a bit of clearance


Pedant. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s still rarely if ever done in games with directional aiming and long-range attacks.


On the topic of Samus, I almost wonder if a 3-tile tall would work better. With the details the Prime model has, and the size at which this game will be played, it might end up working out better.


do you mean 4 tile?


… I need sleep. :O_O:


well i messed around with the 3 tile one, i’ll toy around with a 4 tile next


the only problem with the 4 tile samus is her morphball would have to take up 2 tiles to work properly


Let’s not forget that if we muck with her size too much we’ll have to redraw all of the other enemies to fit the scale. Yes a lot of them have to be reshaded or colored or detailed, but few of them need to be entirely remade - but if nothing else, every single Space Pirate frame would need to be almost redone from scratch if we changed Samus too drastically. >>;


its true, plus the 3 tile works so much better
even though we could make a 4 tile so amazingly gorgeous and detailed
we should probably stick to 3 tile


I’m still for the background Queen. Just make her head the vulnerable spot. As for the Samus size issue, I vote for the shrinking to fit 3 tiles.

By the way, are we intending to make everything slightly smaller than they were in Prime? Space Pirates should be nearly twice as tall as Samus, but I noticed that they aren’t in the sheets. Are we doing that for every enemy or just the Pirates?


I’d say yes. It would look a little weird to be one shotting shriekbats that are nearly as tall as Samus.


As an alternative to shrinking MH’s Samus (which has been used as a size reference for tons and tons of our creature and object graphics so far), we could also just increase the size of our tiles. Any decent engine (even Game Maker) will support tiles/scenery of any size, shape, orientation, … even on a per-tile basis. And we are probably going to be redoing all of our tile sheets anyway.

DestroyerF!! Great to see you here again!
Your demo runs just fine on Windows Vista/7/8, but first you have to put the exe through the official conversion program for Game Maker 6 games.
I’d be interested in seeing what kind of stuff you have, since a lot of the resources went missing after SCU’s forums disappeared >.>

Anyway, I’m posting the following image for everyone’s reference in this discussion on the parasite queen. I apologize for the watermark but I hope you can see why I’ve covered this image up so much. Here are all the parasite queen bosses that we have in the good old P2D collection:

MetroidHandler’s is the littlest version on top appearing 4 times (one of them is slightly edited by 072). The three bigger ones are by Slothien483.

Each of the forward-facing ones (even bottom-left to a certain extent) is part-based, so we’d be able to animate it in my engine like Flaahgra.


Heh, that actually worked. Man, that brings back a lot of memories, it’s been ages since I played the frigate and tallon overworld demos. I’ll send you a pm later with all the stuff I got, need to sort it out a bit first. Also note that I don’t have a list of who made what, sadly.

Anyway, have a good thought on what tile size you pick, because that will greatly affect the world design and room size. It will also affect some enemy designs, some smaller enemies will be able to crawl into morph ball tunnels.
Make sure the bounding box of the morph ball has the width and height of one tile.


Since we’ll most likely be remaking almost everything, it shouldn’t really be a problem to stay 16x16.

And DF if you want to reupload the demos that would be super awesome. And it would help us get a feel for what to improve gameplay-wise, but still pretty awesome.


See, but this runs contrary to the reason the PQ took damage from everywhere: It’s the “Scan bosses” tutorial. You can kill it by shooting it anywhere, but it’s not efficient. This is to curb up to bosses where only specific spots are vulnerable.

One could argue that anyone playing this game has already played Prime, and knows these concepts, but I would say it’s best if we go ahead and build it for everyone.

I think we should base things on how they APPEAR, rather than actual size. Retro wasn’t a bunch of amateurs, they knew how to adjust things to work properly and look as intended in their camera system.


What we could do is have the entire head vulnerable, but have the mouth be the weak spot and open as a lead up to lasering. Maybe have the shields also stop to allow the laser.


i like this plan, and second it as hard as i can


The scan lists the Queen’s weak spot being it’s mouth. When you lock onto the Queen, you lock onto it’s mouth. You shouldn’t be shooting at anything else unless you are using lock-on free aim from the Wii Version or you missed.

And it’s one thing to have the Pirates appear to be the same size, but it’s entirely different to have them actually appearing smaller than you. Not intimidating at all whatsoever.

There was a Tallon demo…? 0_o


Very good points. Bigger tiles would allow for a more accurately-sized morph ball, but I didn’t think about the other side effects and complications.

Something tells me you might be looking at old pirate sheets. Daz made a much taller version of the pirates to closer match the scan images that compare them to Samus.

Aw man, you’re missing out! DF’s Tallon Overworld demos were great. Short but complete, custom designed world, metroidvania exploration… They appeared right when the goal shifted from simple environment displays to full gameplay. I’ll let him decide if he wants to post one of them here.